A0126: Are only the lives of incarnated persons saved in the Akasha?

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No and we also say why. The Akasha is a field that includes the entire universe. Everything that happens in this universe is stored as information in the Akashic Chronicle. Not every little thing, but everything that is interesting is automatically saved. We also say: We as spirit beings are very aware that everything we think is stored in the Akashic Chronicle, which is why all spirit beings are always very careful when doing something. Everything can be viewed afterwards. The points of view on how something is to be evaluated are always different, but otherwise nothing is usually hidden. We mostly say because there are always ways and means to do something outside of the Akashic Chronicle. Basically everything is recorded and everyone, although they know it, are always surprised when they see their own recordings. The recordings always contain the feelings of a being, which is why many records of the incarnated people are also viewed. The recordings are invaluable to many spirit beings because only the incarnated people are capable of some outbursts of emotion that are completely foreign to most spirit beings. By this we mean, among other things, the deep grief that does not exist for spirit beings. We don’t die, we incarnate, or we have a temporary shape, but we don’t know the feeling of loss that you humans feel when a loved one dies. We know loss, but we don’t know in this sense how you experience it and also don’t feel hungry or thirsty. If someone dares to incarnate as a human on earth, sooner or later he will feel it and so much more. The impression that most spirit beings have after viewing the Akashic Chronicle after these feelings is most astonishing. How can people endure something like that, they say often and then start looking for the next feeling in amazement.

Since the Akasha library does a lot of other things, we would like to announce a small list for the use of the Akasha library for spirit beings and also incarnated persons:

  1. The Akasha can reproduce all moments of a being ever experienced, visually and as a feeling.
  2. The Akashic Library also contains all the decisions that have ever been made that led to the being doing something. By that we mean why something happened. Many big decisions are stored separately in the Akasha library. We also say: Not all decisions went well, so the dramatic consequences can be viewed like an educational film.
  3. The Akasha library is responsible for the transfer of certain energy flows. These special energy flows help many beings to send their local records to the Akasha library. Many records are cached at many locations and later sent to the Akasha library.
  4. Many beings do not know that everything is being recorded and often, after they have found out, turn to the Akashic Chronicle to find out what there is to be learned. The beings are looked after by special beings who give the beings the support they need for insight. You call these beings the masters of the Akashic Chronicle. Everyone is assigned at least one master. Some have several, it always depends on what the situation of the being is. Most of the time you humans have a master who takes care of you. The masters are trained to deal with the most stubborn beings without losing patience.

We are your masters and teachers, we have direct access to the Akasha Chronicle and provide you with your desired information. Like the masters of the Akashic Chronicle, we are also careful to only provide you with information that seems helpful to your situation. We would never lie to you, but we will not always tell you everything. On the one hand, it cannot be helpful to look at everything in depth, since everything takes time, and on the other hand, not everything is helpful as information. That’s why we have a list of topics ourselves. We would like to address them. However, we are always waiting for you to ask a question so that we can enter this information into the answer and thus complete all questions with special information. When a spirit being needs information, it only needs one thought and the information is immediately available. Everything is always relative and everyone has their own view of things. We always try to be as objective as possible, but neither can we protect ourselves from letting our own opinions flow into one or the other answer. You already noticed that and we hope it won’t be a problem. We’ll hold back in the future, but we can’t always.

Author: I think we can do it.
Fine, we can say something else about the information transfer. The information is transmitted by machines. Yes, that sounds strange at first, but it is actually more effective. Since the information is stored temporarily and then transferred in batches to the Akashic Chronicle, this has great advantages if everything is timed.

Question: Has the record always existed?
No, the Akasha Chronicle was constructed later, in its current form. The information has always been there, but not in its current form. Much was developed by beings in order to generate added value for all beings. Now many beings are always interested in what is going on in the universe and many, very many learn from it and this Akasha library was also designed for this.

We say the following: If this library didn’t exist, the universe would never have developed into what it is today. We all have so much added value that nobody really wants to miss them. We also say: Without the Akashic Chronicle, many beings would be absolutely at a loss because nobody could imagine incarnating. No being would do it if they had not previously viewed the records of incarnated people. Everything serves growth and the Akashic Chronicle is indispensable.

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