A0125: How was the Giza pyramid built?

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This is a very good question that we would like to answer. The pyramid was built in several stages. The plan was not even finished when the first stage of the construction work started. The first stage required a ramp for the transportation of the stone blocks. The remains of the ramp can still be found on the plateau. The ramp could not be built too steep, so that after a while a lever arm was used. This lever arm made it possible to lift and position the stones on the plateau. When the lever arm was no longer sufficient, a type of pulley was used. These constructions were quite complex, so most workers didn’t understand it at all. With these constructions, the pyramid could be finished. The finishing was done with soft rags. These rags made of cowhide have polished the surface to a mirror finish, so that the people in the exterior facade could almost mirror themselves. However, this was only for a short time and after a while the surface became rough again. The hidden scrolls have not yet been found, but their time will come. We also say: This pyramid contains other secrets that were not even known to the ancient Egyptians. Many of the designers came from outside and built secrets into the pyramid that are still waiting to be discovered. None of the magic that this pyramid had on humans has remained. It is large and impressive, but when it was completed it was like a jewel that shone its shine for miles and there are still undiscovered pyramids in the New Guinea jungle that will spread their shine again if they do be discovered first. You don’t have any noteworthy pyramids in Germany, especially not from the old days. There are some in Central Europe that are interesting but by far not as spectacular as the well-known pyramids. We would not call the pyramid of Bosnia a regular pyramid, but it is also a building, albeit a very different one. If you put plates on a pile of sand, would you call it a pyramid? We don’t, but everyone can determine that for themselves.

We also say: Not all pyramids are on land and some underwater archaeologists will still have some work to do if one or the other structure is discovered in the Mediterranean. These include pyramids and we also think we have to say: Some of the Mediterranean pyramids have traces of extraterrestrials in the form of engraved surfaces, which amazes everyone on the planet. If these pyramids are explored, mankind will be very close to first contact. This will be the beginning of humanity recognizing that they have never been alone and that they belong to a large community that populate all of space as human-like forms. Waiting for the first news that large structures have been found in the Mediterranean and are now being investigated. Then the countdown for the first contact starts. So it was agreed, there are other markers that activate this countdown, but this should be the one you should remember. Waiting for it can be exciting, but when t

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