A0124: What types of fraction identifiers are there?

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We start by explaining what these identifiers actually are. If a soul joins a faction, it is inevitable that this soul can be assigned by other souls. Among other things, this happens because the identification of a soul can always be immediately identified by other souls. The identifier is implemented in the structure of a soul. By this we mean that the soul radiates its aura in all directions, the identifier is like a signpost that radiates only in one direction. This ray is perceptible by all spirit beings and we also say: Humans can only perceive this ray occasionally and very few are able to distinguish different rays. We also say that no one is able to differentiate between the different identifiers. Some of the identifiers are very similar and, like the country flags on your planet, a person can quickly lose track of them. You humans should not know which of you has an identifier and what it means. None of this could be helpful to a person and would only encourage envy and displeasure. You all have one or the other identifier, leave it at the knowledge. Nothing would make it better to know which faction a soul belongs to.

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