A0123: What happens when a soul changes faction?

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The soul has considered carefully beforehand whether it should take this step and from a certain point onwards it will make this decision known. The following circumstances will ensure that all members of the group are aware of it:

  1. The soul will tell the faction’s high council about the change. The latter will inform all members of the group.
  2. The soul inquires with the high council of the other faction whether it can be accepted. This high council will inform its members and discuss whether the soul can be accepted at all. Many factors play an important role here:
    • Had the soul previously changed factions. If so, it is extremely unlikely that the soul will be accepted.
    • If the soul had previously violated the laws and is considered untrustworthy, then admission is also unlikely.
    • Has the soul broken a general law at any time. If so, the violation of the law is assessed in more detail and then a decision is made on the general possibility of admission.
    • If the soul is found to be trustworthy, then nothing stands in the way of admission for the time being.
  3. The soul must explain why he or she wishes to change factions. The reasons are carefully evaluated by both factions and both factions must agree to this faction change.

A soul will never change factions on a whim. Joining, leaving and changing a faction always have far-reaching consequences for a soul. That is why faction changes are extremely rare and are then followed closely by the entire universe. The soul must then pass many tests set by both factions and only when all the tests have been passed will the soul make a faction change. Everything is recorded and many of the tests are exceedingly difficult for the soul to pass, but those who have so far wanted to make a faction change have eventually done so. When the soul begins to pass these tests, it is never alone. Many members of both factions are always present to evaluate the respective outcome of the tests. In doing so, they often come to different results, which in turn are re-evaluated by higher-ranking beings. It also happens that tests have to be repeated to confirm the result. Many of these tests concern the soul alone, but some of the tests must also be contested by the incarnations. For this, the incarnations have many ways in which they can pass a test. Some of these tests test the endurance of an incarnation in certain events. By this we mean that the incarnation must repeatedly prove that it maintains a point of view, among other things, even under the most adverse circumstances. For this, he does not have to be incarnated, but as an incarnated person, the tests are particularly meaningful, because a person usually does not know about the tests and thus the result is authentic. Many persons on earth are tested again and again, this has in the rarest cases something to do with a change of faction, but as we have already mentioned, you as a person are also the incarnation in its original form. Therefore, the tests that are carried out are also assessed as if the incarnation had carried them out in its full incarnational consciousness. Many of these tests the person does not become aware of at all. Only a few people find out about it, the spiritual world is then very surprised about it and we also say why: people who realise that they are being tested react differently to these tests. That is natural, but it is not desirable. The test is done for a reason and persons who are aware of being tested will generate different results. We also say the following: Again and again persons recognise such a test in their lives, but only the very few are also fully aware that the spiritual world is behind it. These persons generate an extremely great interest throughout the universe and many beings begin to take an interest in this person. Many beings follow the testing process especially to the extent that the result of the tests is evaluated again and again and the tests are repeated by the exceedingly strict evaluation. The tests become more and more difficult, so to speak, because the beings do not want to believe that the result is authentic. The beings who evaluate the tests will adapt the tests to the soul. Many of these tests are unique and will not be applied in the same way to another soul who wishes to change factions. Many tests are re-evaluated beforehand by beings again and again before the soul ultimately has to pass the test. Let us return to the incarnations that have to pass many of these tests. Very few people are aware of these tests and some people pass them immediately. Some persons fail them and continue to live their normal lives. Some persons, however, have to pass tests again and again even though they have already passed a plethora of tests. Why is that, we ask? We actually answer that. These persons show an exceedingly great interest in the spiritual world and many of these tests have to be adjusted again and again so that in the end the result is clear. The tests change, the person changes with each test run and one day the person may understand why they are being tested again and again. All beings are in a tizzy because the tests cannot be adapted quickly enough to the circumstances and so it is a battle against time. The person is aware that something is being done to him and he will re-evaluate everything again and again, just as the beings in the spiritual world do. The result is ultimately questionable and possibly cannot be evaluated. But the fact that the person has found out generally testifies to an astuteness that is rarely found. The incarnation takes many things with it as attributes into a human life, and this astuteness, as well as an extremely pronounced stubbornness, has been passed on to many humans by the incarnation. Everything clears up after death when the cube is opened and the memories of the incarnation enter into a symbiosis with the memories of the person. The consciousness is already one and only needs to be completed by the memories. The tests are then, so to speak, at hand and much is immediately understood. Many beings will be present to advise the outcome of life. Much will also remain hidden, because some things are only known to a few beings, but life is actually always successful, no matter how you yourself would evaluate it now as a person. You have experienced so much that you will tell your whole existence about it. Believe us, it has always been like that. Let us now return to the soul that would like to change factions. When all tests have been passed, the soul can change factions. To do this, the identification of the old faction is first removed. This moment is observed by all the factions, by which we mean the factions that the issue concerns. When the identification has been removed, the soul is accepted into the new faction. Here it depends on which faction the soul now joins. Some factions handle it simply and others make a big event out of it. The existing incarnations again have the choice whether they also want to join the faction or will be neutral. Much of what happens in the factions we will address another time, but again we hope this scribbler will ask us about it so that you humans will also become aware of this information. There is still so much to learn.

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