A0098: How do you manage to overcome or resolve trauma?

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This is an excellent question that we would like to answer. Any trauma always finds its cause in actions experienced now, in the past or in other lives. Trauma can occur through many circumstances and can be difficult to resolve. One must consider how the trauma occurred. If trauma has occurred through external violence, such as rape, the person should process what has happened by first forgiving the trauma perpetrator. This endeavour is of utmost importance because trauma can only be resolved if the person can let go of the trauma, but if the person cannot forgive the trauma perpetrator, the trauma is still active. The trauma perpetrator has also been harmed himself, because a person only becomes a perpetrator through external circumstances. Something in the life of the future perpetrator first created the perpetrator profile in the person, so that a person became a perpetrator. If the traumatised person cannot forgive the trauma perpetrator, he/she must come to terms with the fact that all his/her future actions will always depend on how strongly the trauma is still active in him/her. The traumatised person can find out about the trauma perpetrator’s motivation by talking to him. If the persons come to the point where they can recognise why the trauma perpetrator became a perpetrator, not only the trauma of the traumatised person can be resolved with this realisation. The trauma perpetrator now also understands the background of his act and where it started in the perpetrator’s past. This mutual understanding will trigger many things in the persons, but both persons must also be ready for this. We would also like to add: Women or even men who have experienced something like this will need years to process the trauma and ultimately resolve it. Another type of trauma is psychological trauma, where no physical punishment has been inflicted. Mental suffering often occurs as a result of this type of trauma and can only be dealt with by the traumatised person seeking help in exercises where the mind is strengthened on a mental level. Nothing else is more helpful here than when the person, mentally strengthened, ventures into the issue and resolves it.

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