A0097: When was the Great Flood really?

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There is actually no exact answer to this, because the Flood happened in several stages and was truly not as large as described. It peaked about 10,000 years ago and then subsided rapidly over several days. The reason for this massacre of defenceless people on earth was the lack of reverence of the people towards their superior beings at that time. These beings were neither angels nor gods, but extraterrestrial beings. The beings were the Anunnaki and their ambition was to rule this planet. In this they proceeded very carefully and appointed deputy heads in the metropolises of the Asian and Latin American continents. They did much good for the people living there, but if any group resisted, vengeance was relentless and any support other than the Anunnaki was massacred. The accumulation of resistance drove the Anunnaki to make an example and so several areas of the continents were wiped out by a flood. The hope of the Anunnaki was to break the resistance with this, but their actions did not cause the resistance to collapse, but to flare up again, so that the Anunnaki were forced to abandon their plan on Earth. This is one of the reasons why the Flood story is so widespread, but it was never as bad as it is written in the Bible.

Question: How did the Anunnaki manage a flood?
They have extremely skilled engineers who knew plate tectonics very well and this knowledge enabled them to influence a continental plate in such a way that the sea level rose enormously in certain places. This was not easy, but it can be brought about by many powerful beings.

Question: Were the Anunnaki only technologically advanced, or were they also mentally as well as spiritually advanced?
They did not have extraordinary abilities, but they were technologically thousands of years ahead of you. They are not very spiritual, they still have that in common with most humans today, but they are very advanced beings. Their culture is very similar to yours, which they have also given you as a gift, but they are still not able to experience the spiritual world as such. It will also mean their demise one day, but for now they are raging on other planets and doing one mischief or another. We advise you to look in the Bible, they are mentioned there as deities, but they are not.

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