A0096: How many planets with highly developed life forms are there in our universe?

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We say the following: The universe is filled with life of all kinds and is teeming with almost every corner. Let’s take the rock worlds of your solar system. There is life on almost every one of them, and many of them are home to different forms of intelligent life.

Jupiter has many moons and some are full of intelligent life forms and some also house human-like life forms that have developed there [under] conditions that you can hardly imagine. They have developed the ability to travel mentally through the universe and are watching you very closely. They are afraid of humans because this species appears to be very aggressive. They do not want contact and know how to hide. One day there will officially be a first contact in your world, but it certainly won’t be these beings.

Other moons also have cute and animal-like inhabitants, which, although not part of your group of intelligent species, have an extremely good reputation in the universe, which attract many species from all areas of the universe to watch their spectacle of life. So, you see, the beings are not far away and you could even discover them when you start taking the space program into your own hands. We also say the following: The first contact is still experienced by most of those present here, it will be something that will turn the world upside down and give hope for a better future. We also say: No matter how long you look for extraterrestrial life forms, the first contact will happen here on this planet. We also think we have to say: intelligent life is closer than you think. The present writer has an idea of this and with his group question is certainly not that far from knowing the true nature of your moon.

Do not be discouraged, after the search for new life forms, here on your planet countless creatures have not yet been discovered in the deep sea. Which, once discovered, will make many headlines.

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