A0093: When do the NWO’s plans become critical?

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We say the following about this: The NWO does not exist and is created in the minds of the humans who want to believe in it. Furthermore, we will add the following: We ourselves are able to follow world events on your planets. Whenever a few humans are dissatisfied with a situation, they make assertions and theses to support their point of view. These propositions have little in common with reality and we would also say that most of the propositions are lies with some facts woven in to support the truth. Don’t be fooled, the NWO is nothing more than a big fantasy of a few people who think they have to make a name for themselves with it. Do not believe what they say, question their arguments and you will see the falsehood in their statements. We also mean to give the following advice: Take every word these people say and question everything they mean. The truth lies hidden in between so that you will find it difficult to discern. The truth is always much more unspectacular than these humans would have you believe. Therefore, be calm about these inflammatory statements and don’t believe anything they say. In the end, these people will disappear of their own accord, without the help of others, but because they have lost credibility themselves.

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