A0094: What is the meaning of stone circles?

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We start with the creation of the first systems. These systems have had different meanings over time and their true meaning has rarely been passed down. The stone circles are an exception and we will briefly explain why this is the case using examples:

  1. The stone circles always form a circle that is hardly recognized as such these days. Let’s take Stonehenge. This famous stone circle was designed to make solstice experience for everyone and this system was designed for this. Over the years, the stone circle was expanded more and more, but originally it was just about experiencing the solstice, the seasons also play a major role here, but the experience was in the foreground.
  2. The stone circles of Tikpal were built to see the golden summer hole in the mountains. Here stones were positioned in such a way that on a certain day the sun formed a triangle in the middle of the complex, after which people were aware of when the right day was coming to see the golden sun set on the mountain. This sight only appeared once a year and was celebrated with exuberance by the people.
  3. Stone circles in Mandura emphasize human development and are designed so that all ten stones represent the year of creation. They also have the task of reminding people of where they came from, because that was not originally Earth, but a planet that is not far from Earth. It should be emphasized that not far is not in your solar system, but close to it.
  4. The stone circles of Mandusa. These stone circles were created because the moon goddess has visited Earth once every three years and this arrival should be good. Nothing was left to chance.

All stone circles have in common that they represent the course of the sun and thus always form a calendar forecast. They have no special meaning in terms of energy points, but are only intended to remind people of an event in the future, as your normal calendars do today.

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