A0092: How do a person’s soul, spirit and higher self differ?

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We tell you the following: the soul is superior to all other parts. It is the soul who decides everything as it should happen and also the higher self belongs on this level. The higher self, in turn, is a partial figure of the soul, it is that which implements all the decisions. Now here in this body, you are the incarnation of your soul. You are connected to the creative soul power that you call the higher self. The soul does not judge whether you act right or wrong, but paves the way that the soul would like to go. You as an incarnation are part of this soul and have the opportunity to enrich the soul through your decisions. Whenever the incarnation dies, i.e. the body passes, the soul has taken over all sensations and experiences into its overall system. This is to be seen as the growth of the soul and your decisions are significantly involved. If you do bad things, it is like doing bad things to the soul because the soul consciously follows your actions at all times. If you are a good person, the soul will grow through the positive wealth, otherwise the soul has to deal with stagnation and how you as a person want your soul to progress and that works best if it has as many experiences as possible.

Question: Why does the soul stagnate with negative growth?
This is because the incarnation does not go the way that the soul intended. Everything is already planned and negative growth is not one of them.

Question: Then negative growth does not mean that the incarnation has done bad things, it just means not going the way! So can positive growth also mean doing something reprehensible as a human being if the soul has planned it that way?
Yes, it is indeed so, bad does not mean doing bad, but leaving the predetermined path. We will then try to put the incarnation back on the path, even if it means that the incarnation should do something reprehensible. But we would also add that the incarnations do reprehensible things on their own without doing ours. We also say emphatically that people who do something reprehensible are usually not led to it, but rather carry these tendencies from birth, so that the soul is responsible for this.

Question: Does every soul want for its growth the reprehensible thing to be done by at least one incarnation or is it part of it by default?
No, a clear NO. A soul also wants to experience the negative aspects of human existence, but negative growth as barbaric misdeeds are not included by default. The soul has many opportunities to experience something and these experiences always enrich the soul. However, the positive aspects are always preferable, so that growth is more of that. We would also add that the soul per se knows the incarnations of the incarnated person and after their death they must also take on these experiences. But that doesn’t mean that she wanted them too. Much of what happens on earth is not in the spirit of the soul in question and many souls are reluctant to gain such experiences on earth. They prefer to leisurely broaden their horizons of experience and place no value on sending incarnations to earth. It is also a great effort for the soul to incarnate on Earth and we would also say that the benefits of the resulting growth always end up exceeding all expectations. It is always more than before and that is why so many souls want to experience this growth on earth. We also say that when the soul has completed the cycle of incarnation, it is not only richer in experience, but also richer in love, just as the Creator sends it to all of its creatures, that alone is worth all the hardships.

Question: When the soul has experienced everything there is to be experienced, does it go back to the Creator? If so, what happens and is it possible for a soul to take on its own “creator role” at some point?
No, the soul does not necessarily have to return to the Creator. It is up to her what she does. If she herself wants to be a creator of her own universe, she can do it, there are no limits to a soul.

Question: Has our Creator ever been such a soul?
No, your Creator is almighty, there is nobody next to him, not even above him. It is the beginning and the end, nothing is greater than the Creator.

Question: You say “… your creator …”, do you have another one?
No, ours and yours are the same. We just wanted to put the value on the name “creator”.
The spirit being is a temporary form of the soul, which is superior to an incarnation. Similar to a game, there is a powerful figure for each game level. It is the same way to see the spirit being. It is something transient like the person on earth, all experiences accumulate in the soul.

Question: Many people are afraid of disappearing as an individual after death. What would you want to say to these people?
We understand the fear of disappearing as an individual, but we tell you: you have not disappeared, but continue to live as a person in the soul, so that after death you will experience one or the other adventure. It is then no longer possible to incarnate this person on earth, but you can make your own decisions with full awareness so that you can incarnate on foreign planets with less stringent requirements and continue your life there as a person. We also say that the experiences you are now gaining are important not only for the soul as a whole, but also for you as a person. Then when you incarnate in a distant world, all of these experiences will be present and you might think that you will continue to live there under the same conditions, if you want it, nothing would prevent you, you have completed your tasks on earth, this is one of the hardest things you will ever experience. We also say, live this life as you think you want to live, do not force yourself into a corset [that] does not suit you.

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