A0091: How can we recognize living beings which are occupied by archons/reptiloids?

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The archons are beings of low frequency and dimension. They are referred to as reptilian because their frequency is similar to that of reptilian, but they are not related. Reptilian creatures are very similar in nature to you humans, with the difference in their approach between the individual species. We mean the possibility to give birth to offspring between the species. Here these beings pursue a different birth line that you humans do not have. Reptilian beings are very shy and would never occupy a person for no reason. This process can be compared to the fact that a person piggybacks another person and the carried person perceives everything that the carrying person experiences. There is a possibility that the person wearing it is indirectly influenced by the person wearing it. However, this rarely happens and most people will never experience something like this. An “occupied” person would often feel tired and their willingness to accept would be deceived. You can surely prevent “occupations” by never letting your mind drop to a lower level. Be joyful and enjoy life, such people are unapproachable to low-frequency beings and they are left alone. 

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