A0088: What is the difference between angels and demons / devils?

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We say the following: Angels and devils are the same in their forms. We also say that demons belong to a different classification of beings because these creatures do not have the spirit of the divine within them. Demons are an exception and we would like to explain why:

  1. The demons are descended from divine beings, but their nature can no longer be assigned to any of the superordinate beings, because their characteristics assumed such a wild growth that it is no longer possible to assign them correctly afterwards. As with angels and devils, the demons are flooded with great strength, but they do not have the divine spark as the angels or devils have, but they draw their strength from other levels.
  2. Many of these demons live as human beings on earth without having ever done anything wrong. Many beings are on Earth to ensure that it stays that way, but so far they have always behaved peacefully and you humans could never determine who of you really comes closest to a demon. Do not speculate about it, it is wasted effort, everything will clear up after death and some people are already familiar with a lot.
  3. We want to add that demons are normal spiritual beings that do not have the potential for destruction that some people would like to blame them for.
  4. We also say: a demon can be a loving person, just like an incarnation from an angel, but it can also do terrifying things, just like an angel can do. Nothing would differentiate them externally, only their parentage would be different.

So, loving demons are just as common as loving angels. Everything dissolves with death and many things become clear to people that they would never have thought possible. Everything is not always as you know. Which “faction” a man or being belongs to by their lineage has no influence on how the being behaves towards his other beings. Everything is relative, never forget that, a person does not judge by where he comes from, but by how he behaves.

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