A0087: What kind of connections exist between a person and their accompanying beings? – Part 1

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It is difficult to answer. We start with the most obvious, the spirit guide.

The Spirit Guide
The Spirit Guide is a being that is introduced to the person before incarnation. The leader has the choice to refuse if he thinks the person’s goal is too high. The spirit guide can also act on the non-incarnated person by explaining what the person could accomplish as feasible. So the two agree and seal the pact. We also say that the spirit guide is a being specially trained for such cases, which has previously accompanied many people on their journey of experience on earth. If this being does not act absolutely reliably, then there is not much to be seen of success in the earthly life of the person. Everything the spirit guide is allowed to do has been previously [contracted] so that nothing is left to chance. We also say that it is not easy for a spirit guide to provide the care that awakened people deserve. Much cannot be estimated beforehand, so that a spirit guide can get into situations for which he cannot do anything. We believe to say that if supreme beings bring about situations in an awakened person, then even the spirit guide has his limits. The spirit guide is then doomed to see how the original plan is changed in his presence. Nothing is then possible for him to provide the person with the experiences that were once contractually determined. We also say the spirit guide should never speak to the person so as not to build a relationship that is too close that would affect the outcome at some day. Exceptions confirm the rule, but in most cases, the spirit guide does not speak to the people. Often there is also dissatisfaction with the circumstances, then the spirit guide can decide to intervene across all instances. However, this rarely happens and is really only an exception. Much is regulated by him that most people are not aware of, e.g. all physical processes are monitored by him, so that he is always in the picture about the well-being of the person. Everything has a downside and if the spirit guide realizes that life no longer seems worth living for a person, he can and may initiate the death of a person, so that an incessant torment comes to an end. He also has to take care of the transition into the hereafter you mentioned. This is not always easy because even after death, some people feel that they have to do what they have just done, so it takes a lot of persuasion to convince the confused that death has occurred and that something new is happening, This can be really stressful for everyone involved, but it usually ends well and sometimes takes a little time. We also do not want to hide the fact that the spirit guide is also responsible for one or the other suffering in order to guarantee contractual obligations or to remind the person of something that they should have known themselves. These are situations where every person should think about whether their lives should really go the same way or whether a change could make a difference. The spirit guide has a lot to do and is always present, he is not in the person, but is very close to the person. We would also like to say that the person and the spirit guide have entered into a symbiosis for life on earth. It should also be mentioned that guides are not male, as the name could possibly mean, but are neither male nor female, but we would say that they tend towards one gender. They appear in many forms and can also represent dinosaurs, always the form that is right for the person. The spirit guide also has the task of initiating all urgent actions that a person needs in their development. We mean actions that are necessary to guide the person on the predetermined path. This requires a spirit guide who understands his craft so that the person does not notice that he is actually being led and has not chosen him independently. Much of this remains hidden from most people, only a few recognize the signs and even fewer [of these people] know how to interpret them.

Now we come to the next accompanying beings, the masters and teachers of one person.

The Masters and Teachers
These beings were previously determined to accompany the person. The person has no influence on it and is also not aware of who these beings are. Their job is to measure a person’s progress and give them lessons that will consolidate the person within and make them who they wanted to be. Nothing can change that, except the circumstances require a change of heart and the person should pursue an alternative life plan. Then these beings must ensure that the alternative life plan can also be followed. Here you have several options that we would like to explain:

  • The person is already on the path, then hardly any of these beings can be done.
  • The person is close to the optional path and only needs to be “poked” in the right direction.
  • The person is miles away from the optional life plan, then it becomes difficult and everyone is, so to speak, on alert so as not to make a mistake. This option is truly the supreme discipline among all the other options and we also say that most life plans do not even provide this option.
  • So now we come to the most common option. This option includes many different entities because the person is very stubborn and just doesn’t want to follow the life plan. In compliance with free will, countless entities will work to “poke” this stubborn head in the direction in which he had contractually agreed. Many aces are pulled out of the “sleeves” here in order to still be able to follow the desired path of life. Many people are always amazed when strange coincidences happen in their lives, but mostly they don’t know how to interpret all of this. This takes time, but is usually crowned with success.

Very few then go their own way, which was not previously described as an option. This requires enormous willpower, which most people lack.

  • We also want to address an option that seems hidden to most people. The option to do something that the person actually doesn’t want. This option is only available to people who are supposed to do and do more than is usually the case. These people do not know about it and now these entities have to make sure that the person follows a path that they do not want to follow with free will. These people have to cope with tasks that they do not want to cope with, but their inner urge to do so outweighs their free will that they feel compelled to follow this path against their free will. We also say that these people do not have it easy because they are more or less “forced” to do so, but everything has its price and these people have to pay it. It is part of their lives, whether they like it or not, it is not important in these rare cases. Everything has its purpose and everyone is aware of it at a certain point in time of its existence, only the person as a person knows nothing about it, so it is the only person who can do something like this. Everything is predetermined, all lives on earth follow a plan, everyone is part of it, and the few people who experience this have experienced something in their past life that ultimately brought them to earth to resolve this. Few people experience this, most of you have awakened, but almost no one fits into this category. We also want to emphasize that free will is not as important as most other people, so people who are concerned cannot orientate themselves to it. You have to do the tasks in order to ultimately lead a normal life. Many will think they belong to this group, but let me tell you, almost none of you are one of them, so leave it at the knowledge and don’t try to act like people who really concern it.

Question: I thought that free will is not flexible?
Yes, everything always has exceptions and these people fall under these exceptions. We also want to say that these people have done nothing bad, but their origin must always be considered in an incarnation. We mean that many beings in the universe belong to different “factions” and this has to be taken into account. We also say that many “factions” are also misunderstood by people because they simply do not have the necessary knowledge, but everything comes at a price and so these people have to live with the tasks, whether they like it or not. We also say that these people do not have to tackle cruel tasks inexpressibly, they just have to prove what kind of people they want to be, the tasks are also based on this and we also proudly say with a broad chest that we are masters of these tasks. We are fully aware of the effects in a person, but in the end the person wanted it that way and that is what we do.

We also say these people could stop doing it, but the willpower to overcome the inner urge must ultimately be stronger than simply tackling and completing their tasks. We would also like to add that these people mostly do not know anything about it, if they can find out, it will only be much more difficult for us and the person than if they do not know anything about it. Suffer no more than you have to, stubborns are everywhere, intelligent stubborns are difficult to tame, but intelligent stubborns who know that they should be tamed are the premier class, which we also have to master first. We also say that if someone thinks they are one of those people, look around your life and find something that needs to be improved, which is certainly one of those tasks. We also say that everything will eventually go away, see it as a training for everything you can use here and on other worlds and levels. Everything has its meaning and purpose.

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