A0086: Are there beings that suck energy in humans?

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No, beings who do something like that belong in fable books. The beings that could be meant here are beings that absorb more energy than they give up for a connection. Let’s take a couple, whenever two people argue, energy flows are exchanged. This is because every moment one person focuses on another person carries the person energy to another. When someone has bad thoughts towards another person, an energetic current is built up from one person to another. When the evil thoughts take over, this stream of thoughts becomes more intense and the person who initiated the stream transfers its energy to the other person. This robs you of the energy, but the stream of thoughts as such is not harmonious as it would be with love or understanding, but is inherently destructive and is also perceived by the other person over time. Therefore, it is always negative for everyone involved if a dispute breaks out. Nobody will be happy and everyone will feel energetic robbery. So don’t let this happen and advise you in a calmer way. We also advise if people notice that they have an “energy sucker”, then also check your own actions, everything is always related and a clarifying conversation, in a quiet manner, can work wonders.

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