A0085: Can dead brain mass be restored or rebuilt?

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No, the brain mass is an exception and cannot be reproduced. This is because the brain mass consists of raw materials that would otherwise not be found in the body again and we think we have to say: the brain mass is good for many things, but it does not decide how ingenious or clever a person is, but rather cares only for the fact that above all the motor skills and vegetative mechanisms work. It already influences how a person behaves, but it does not give her the power to determine how a being behaves in itself. We mean that man was born what he should express in the course of his life. The essence in man is not defined by the brain mass, but by the aspects that were given at birth. Therefore, a human being is essentially the same if he loses part of his brain. The motor skills are of course impaired, but the essence is still the same. We would also emphasize: People who lose brain mass are still the same people, nothing has changed. We also say that a lack of brain mass does not necessarily mean that we are considered wounded, but everything is as before, only the motor skills could be influenced, nothing more.

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