A0084: What are the options for not forgetting who you were in the next incarnation?

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It is interesting, we think we have to say that you yourself will never reincarnate again on earth and therefore the person who will reincarnate next will not forget what they have experienced on earth because they have not previously been on earth Earth was incarnated. The flashbacks of some people are always the lives of others, rarely their own and then never of life on earth anyway. Exceptions confirm the rule, but basically you have never been on this planet as a human. We also say the following: what would be the result of a person incarnating and already knowing everything. The person would not gain experience because they were pre- indoctrinated. It is therefore not advisable to consciously know the lives of other lives of other incarnations. We also say if you absolutely want to get to know the lives of others, ask them, they will answer for you in one form or another. We also say live your life, it is much more exciting than that of others. The lives of others were lived and everything was mirrored in the soul. So the order was carried out and the result is growth for the soul. Every incarnation will always provide growth, no matter how “successful” life was in the end. The incarnation then goes its own way again until the soul asks for help again, then all incarnations will gather again and advise how the help can look like. We also say: Live life the way you want it, everything is always good, if you feel comfortable with it, then it is guaranteed that life will be a complete success for everyone involved. We also say that if you think that your soul is not watching you, then you are certain that everything will be felt by the soul as you as a person perceive it. She will perceive everything as you perceive it. That is why a happy mind is better than a dogged mind. Everything is connected, even your emotional worlds are no exception. We also say accept life as a gift that your soul has given you. You will never receive such a gift again, it is unique.

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