A0089: How can one imagine the mirroring, the inner universes of an incarnation, in the soul?

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This is an excellent question that we would like to answer. Imagine you have a mirror wall, all mirrors point at you from different positions. Wouldn’t you see yourself from different positions and wouldn’t you be amazed at how often you can see yourself at the same time. The soul is such a mirror cabinet and everything that comes in there as an experience is mirrored countless times, so that mirrored experiences are mirrored again. All experiences are always mirrored. The soul is able to experience everything in itself again and again and so the growth of a soul is defined by us. Everything that has ever been mirrored is deposited in the soul until the end of all days, so that we would also say: A soul in itself is without limits and the incarnations are able to fill the previous emptiness with experiences.

Whenever an incarnation dies, everything that is experienced is mirrored in the soul, that is all experiences that a person has ever experienced, even the forgotten moments are transmitted, nothing is lost and every moment is precious, which leads us to say the following: All moments ever experienced are so precious that an incarnation would die for them. We mean that an incarnated person and everything that has been experienced always enriches the soul without having to participate in it in physical form. The soul watches exactly what the incarnation does, but it has only an observing form and cannot experience physically, this will happen when the incarnation dies. All inner universes are mirrored in the soul and everything is a mirror in itself, it is an incessant interplay of mirrored mirrors. We also think we have to say that a person without an inner universe is not a person because the inner universes define the person as such. At birth, the person has a few universes, but with each experience the universes are doubled, even multiplied by the intensity of the experience lived. We also say that the more universes there are in a person, the more mature they appear to be without the maturity of the person’s age being determined. The universes are multiplied in every moment of a life. We also say that those who have good experiences multiply higher than those who have bad experiences. When multiplying, the existing universes are not changed, but reflected in the incarnation, which is because an experience broadens the horizon of experience and the wider this horizon, the more universes are generated. All universes reflect the person in the current state of consciousness and so previously mirrored universes are expanded and everything becomes larger in the sense of growth. So what does a person gain from being home to many great universes. It is then able to tackle change beyond its potential. Everyone knows people who seem to create something new out of nothing without being particularly good at it. We are saying that people are then able to think outside the box and look at the present from a different and new perspective. Nothing can stop them because they know what needs to be done. All of this always includes a soul that has accumulated plenty of universes.

Question: Do spirit beings like you without a physical body also have these inner universes?
No, we have something else that we want to talk about later.

We also say the following: Every person on earth experiences new things every day that constantly fuel the production of the inner universes. If this were not the case, the person would literally die long ago. We also say that nothing is more boring than doing nothing. Everything lives from the fact that every moment is lived anew, nothing should stay in the moment, everything is in motion and that’s a good thing. People don’t understand the concept of inner universes yet, we would like to change that. Be prepared for long and detailed explanations on this topic, once understood, it is like an enlightenment. Be curious to see what comes next.

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