A0049: How can you make out of body experiences possible for everyone?

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It should be noted that the out of body experiences, carried out by you, always represent only an image of reality. In addition, the out of body experiences are only ever carried out by the person who has the necessary provisions. These regulations have been installed for the benefit of all so that the astral plane is not affected by the interferers. Recurring features will mean that a person does not have the necessary tools for this type of trip. Only those who are willing to do nothing bad because of their benevolent manner are also able to take further trips into the astral world. If the person is up to no good from the start, guards of all kinds will prevent them from doing so. There are many ways to go on a trip to the astral world. Help is not necessary, but only through willpower. The nominal flooding of some areas in the cortex of the pituitary gland is stimulated and furthermore the blood vessels in the frontal lobe are flooded with extraordinary brain currents and in some people, these brainwaves are required for some time of exceptional intensity for this type of trip.

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