A0050: When does the cosmic ascent succeed in 5D?

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Whenever mankind believes it has to change, bizarre and unusual behavioral patterns are displayed. In addition, uncertain types of myths are being created that only aim to frighten humanity. Most people have no idea what is really important below their experience horizon. Whether or not this planet rises does not depend on whether you make many new leaps in consciousness, but solely on what the planet is going to do next. The planet alone decides whether it is ready to ascend or whether it takes time for it. No human species is able to ascend a planet, nor are any strange beings who think that humanity as a collective can accelerate this process is more than uncertain. The leap into a new dimension is made by the planet alone. The creatures on this planet don’t even know when the planet has ascended. Whenever something like this happens, there are many beings from all over the universe. This is a very interesting phenomenon that attracts the attention of all intelligent beings. The planet itself can hardly feel anything, it is constantly hit by gravitational-like waves, which, conversely, accelerate this process immensely. The planet has many options that we want to briefly explain:

  1. During the ascent, the planet decides what appearance it thinks is right.
  2. Not only color and the alternative structures are defined, but also all possible cosmological properties to its central star.
  3. The surface will continue to be lush, but the vegetation will differ from the current one.
  4. When the jump has been made, the old earth as you know it is still there, with all its diverse manifestations. We also speak of the people who still live on earth.
  5. If the jump goes beyond the planned goal, the consequences are hardly foreseeable. For this purpose, powerful beings are sent to oversee this process.
  6. Here the leap through the material entity will trigger a very respectable wave of euphoria in the galaxy, which is highly praised by all planets and beings.
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