A0040: How do crop circles come about and what messages do they have?

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Now we have a really nice topic, in which we also come to speak of beings who try to let the beings ascend from the beginning of the earthly time. Many beings from innumerable corners of the universe, even from other dimensions, have been trying to ascend the planet for a long time. This would not only make the quadrant in which you live safer, but an ascent is roughly equivalent to a folk festival in which every culture celebrates. It is the goal of a universe to grow as a whole and for this everyone has to participate, including planet earth. Now different beings with different approaches try to speed up this process. Some of them try direct contact, whether with states or individuals. Even a single person who is contacted by beings triggers a chain reaction of positive experiences, which can then usually be transferred to other people. Unfortunately, things are not looking so good for states, because other interests are usually in the way. Some beings try to reach the intellect, but they are very inventive. One of these achievements is the crop circles. Many of these crop circles created by beings contain messages that a restless mind must first decipher.

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