A0039: What tips can you give beginners to better connect with the Akasha Chronic?

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First of all, a relaxed body and mind is very important, and you should have drunk enough beforehand. We advise you the following:

  1. Drink enough.
  2. Be ready to calm your body and mind to a level that we would describe as light meditation.
  3. Have perseverance in the exercises, as it is so beautifully said “practicing enables the soul to act rationally, not practicing makes the soul dry bread”.
  4. Believe in what you want to achieve. Faith doesn’t just move mountains.
  5. Always if you think you have received the sign, check with your intuition whether it is the sign and not the manifest wish.
  6. Then when the sign appears, thank your masters too. They are infinitely patient, but a little respect doesn’t harm a relationship.
  7. Whenever you have the feeling that the Akashi Chronicle wants to persuade you to do something, then break the connection and check with your intuition whether it really was the Akashic Chronic. Never, really NEVER, would your masters want to guide your destiny. We want to advise you, you always have to make the decisions based on your knowledge. We would not dare to use you as puppets. This is absolutely important to know and should never be forgotten.
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