A0036: What can we do / experience here in the physical world that is no longer possible before / after an incarnation?

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This is a really interesting question that we would like to answer. Imagine you are in a room full of objects and all these objects correspond to your zeitgeist by living. If these objects were suddenly out of air, you would no longer be able to grab them. You see them but you can’t touch them. You can imagine the higher realms in this way. We are able to grasp everything, but only with our spirit, you on earth are able to experience everything with your physical sensors and that is actually not possible for us. We actually say because there are ways to experience this without incarnating. But we do not want to digress and continue with the fact that we are now spiritual beings and not physical beings. Therefore it is not possible for us to experience anything in your world without further notice. It is rather that we are the observers of your world without being able to physically participate in it. We’re looking at you as a whole and we’re surprised at what you’re doing down there. That is why it is so important that you as human beings can have these experiences and when we meet again at our level you will report the most incredible things.

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