A0035: Will people expose the plans of the Illuminati, Satanists and pedophile elites and will the new world order (NWO) be prevented?

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We have a clear opinion that we would like to share. The question is not a question to be answered, but we would ask you to think about what the negative symbols bear. Suppose we would tell you that we cannot answer this question for the following reasons.

  1. The question is not correct in itself.
  2. The question itself has a negative effect on the answerer. He has to think about how to find the right words to avoid being pilloried himself.
  3. We do not intend to expand people’s incredible fantasies by supporting their superstitions. There will never be people who use impartial facts to analyze them analytically.
  4. Faith is strong among those who want to believe, so we say don’t believe everything others tell you.

Whenever you think someone wants to tie up a bear to you, carefully question his statements, then you may find out that there is no basis to support these claims. That is why we say, please explain to everyone exactly why you come up with the above “facts” and carefully question them. We would like to answer what is left of it.

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