A0034: Does our soul always decide at what time we die and leave our physical body?

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The soul is immortal but the human body is impermanent. How the body dies is not decided by the soul but by humans. Many factors play a role here, but the soul has nothing to do with it. If you want to incarnate, make a plan for all the activities on Earth. This plan is considered a blueprint for incarnated life. If you deviate from this plan, there are ways and means that we use to get you back on the actual path. Then after a certain point in time death cannot be stopped because your habits take their toll or you end up in a misfortune. These are moments that are not decided by a soul, but only by you alone. Therefore pay attention to what you eat, drink, how much you drink and eat and what dangers you expose yourself to. You alone decide about the lifespan, even if an accident should hit you. Live consciously on earth every day, tomorrow you could already wake up among angels and complain about the short time on earth. Enjoy every moment, the end is not around the corner but you decide which corner you want to go to. Live happily and don’t always think about death, it will come by, you definitely won’t miss it.

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