A0033: What is the real purpose of the many pyramids on Earth?

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Many methods have been used by the builders of the pyramids. Depending on the use of a pyramid, secret knowledge, which is no longer accessible, has been used. A pyramid itself is first of all a status symbol of its builder and has a profound meaning when viewed second. The Giza Pyramid was built by someone who definitely wanted to be included in history. The real purpose was to preserve the ancient knowledge that is encased deep in the pyramid. This knowledge is old scrolls that were written centuries ago. They have not yet been found, but it will not be long before they see the light of day. It is different with the pyramid of the great pterodactyl, which was rediscovered in Peru around the turn of the millennium. The purpose of this pyramid was to transfer the extracted ore to the liquid form. This method was handed down from the ancient Egyptians and is still used today. This pyramid, by aligning its flanks, could have been an equally good landmark for the residents, but the Incas directed the sunlight over the flanks to a crystal and this crystal melted the ore. Whatever was done with it, you can no longer find it today.

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