A0032: Which religion is closest to the laws of the universe?

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We would think that none of the religions known to us comes anywhere near the laws of the universe. We say with certainty, don’t look for the laws in the religions, but rather in yourself. Who, if not you, determines the progress of all being and who is the main responsible for all these religions. Think about who created these laws and then look for a name for them. In the end you wouldn’t always come up with the same name, whatever you call the creator. Believe in whatever you want, but don’t believe that no matter how widely you find it, a religion has a right to truth. You end up looking for something that doesn’t exist. Let go of the posturing and devote yourself to more interesting topics. In the end, you think we would mislead you, but actually religions are only fancies of your imagination. No religion comes anywhere near the laws because they have absolutely nothing to do with the laws of the universe. Do not deny your faith, but do not believe what faith promises. Only those with a pure heart will be able to understand what these laws actually represent and how they are to be applied.

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