A0031: How can you dissolve old patterns that keep you from being unconditional?

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The accumulation of negative emotions along the path of each individual are not fixed and are only determined at runtime. Pay attention to what you feel in your heart the next time you are faced with a decision. If your heart says no and your mind says yes, always choose your heart. Because when the going gets tough, a heart decision may be better to cope with for the individual, even if the result seems sobering. On special occasions you will always let the heart decide, so why then on occasions that you consider objectless. The heart decision is always preferable to another. But also pay attention to adversity, which causes a lack of interest in a heart decision. You should exercise caution in these adversities, as these situations could cheat your heart. Therefore, we always advise to listen to the heart and never let the fact win over who could take something from whom or cheat. These are circumstances that should not harm any heart. 

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