A0037: How does a soul arise or how is a soul born?

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It should be noted what exactly a soul represents. Look in the mirror, what do you see? Exactly, you see yourself as an embodied soul. If you were just the spirit that inhabits this body, you would be the soul in its original form. Now turn to Arestotle’s secret statements. In his theses he often uses the term spirit being, which also describes exactly what the soul represents. A being in the form of a spirit who, if she wants, can “slip” into a physical form. Her origin is not really to be found in this body, so we would say that it did not originate in this body, but only lives in it for the physical lifespan. The origin can be found in the source of all being and the creator, i.e. the source, means one of his children, who should be seen like body cells of the source, go out to experience themselves and experience many adventures. Then a soul is de facto born. This unique soul is pure and inexperienced at the beginning, but it grows steadily, so that one day the soul returns to the source like a big ball of energy and “tells” what it has experienced. The love of the source is immeasurable, so every soul has all the possibilities to freely develop in the universes. Sometimes the source wants to see something done, then sends out special angels to guide the beings that are concerned on the right path. Everything has a purpose, yours is also given.

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