A0029: Why are there hollow asteroids and how did they come about?

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An asteroid always consists of many individual pieces of rock that clump together over time due to the attraction. If the asteroid gets its maximum size for the round- generated appearance, the following factors will, as mentioned before, not only make the asteroid almost round, but it will turn inside out due to the material properties. Imagine drops of dew running down a window. Would these drops slide down, just bulge around their own axis and thus convey their material liquid from the inside out. This also happens with the material in and around an asteroid. When it travels at high speed, there is a circular density of material inside, which is fired by the solar wind and starts this convolution process, so that over time, all the material bulges out again and again. Of course, this creates an inner cavity that increases over time. The density around this cavity decreases over time and this further changes the weight distribution inside. In addition, there is the fact that the density of the sun around which an asteroid circles has a great effect on the material properties of the asteroid. We want to emphasize that this material is of particular interest for many peoples on your planet, because with this material you are able to revolutionize space travel. Let me tell you, bulging the asteroid material is critical to the further development of metamaterials on your planet. Once the process is understood and industrialized, mankind can experiment with opportunities that are currently unparalleled. Have courage and try it, it will have amazing properties that will be groundbreaking in its effects. We hope this little introduction to this topic will find the right ears to be heard. When this pair of ears starts working on it, we are happy to provide further information. You have to use the favor of the hour to create something new for humanity. The dimensions of this new product will far exceed that of the previous one.

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