A0028: Will the world’s population be greatly reduced by the elite in the near future?

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No, the charlatans, who not only distribute humbug in the world with this statement, but also many books, should put their own theses to the test, in order to then realize that this is the agreed scaremongering and nothing to do with reality still has to do with acquired knowledge. Do not fall for such statements, they only distract you from the right topics and only spread fear and displeasure. Do not be intimidated and accept these statements as a kind of horror story. Stick with what you really know, really not much considering what is going on in your world, but it is still better than being driven back and forth like a frightened chicken, the whip being the lie constructs of some conspiracy theorists , Many conspiracies contain truth, at least in essence. Live without these fears, which are completely unfounded and would not hold a case investigation at all. Live the life of a person who is above such horror stories and you will notice that it is easier to live.

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