A0027: Can we ensure a more sovereign world in the future?

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This is a very good question and we are glad and happy to have the platform to express our point of view. Sovereignty exists in numerous levels and nobody is able to fully grasp it. There is, however, a dilemma about what sovereignty means for a human being. Therefore, we would like to describe our point of view so that the human being can understand sovereignty from the perspective of high-frequency beings. For us, this term is divided into three categories.

  1. For low-frequency beings.
  2. For high-frequency beings.
  3. For God or whatever name you gave the source.

To 1) For a low-frequency being, sovereignty will end with their own actions and they will never think about what they are dealing with in relation to their act.

To 2) For high-frequency beings, including the enlightened people, their action does not end with themselves, but always with their fellow human beings and their environment. They also worry about low-frequency beings and have the right to promote and strengthen their possibilities.

To 3) With God we agree that the source of all being encompasses and that his sovereignty takes on gigantic proportions. The source is everything.

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