A0019: Was 9/11 staged?

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Here we start at the beginning. Who has subjugated the world and is directly and indirectly responsible for many genocides? The Cabal. The Cabal is and has always pulled the strings. Faith is a virtue once said a benevolent person in Christianity without thinking about what other people will do with it. The Cabal is jointly responsible for many cruel genocides. They have also been in charge of your 9/11 and they will still cause the one and other cruel crimes. The Cabal is an association of chosen individuals who only have power and their expansion in mind. Those who are currently leveraging time will soon come to an abrupt end because a new era is dawning in which such individuals can no longer incarnate on this planet. With a strong expression on our faces, we say “Do not fear the Cabal, they will soon no longer exist”. The culprits are also found in the Pentagon, but as always, they were remotely controlled by the Cabal. Life is a big game and some actors play with unfair means, the Cabal is master of its unfair subject and has performed the necessary moves with flying colors.

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