A0020: How long will peace last in Europe?

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Peace is never threatened, it is rather that peace is interpreted differently. For some protagonists, the rules of the game, how to achieve peace, are interpreted differently than you might imagine. Suppose someone would like to invite you to a meal and you thankfully decline. Isn’t it, in the eyes of the inviter a slap on face and wouldn’t you think the same way? Now consider this on a larger scale. Countries struggling for resources do their homeland friendship similarly. They vie for the favor of the others and, for their benefit, also have to distribute some slaps on faces, so that one day a stricken country cannot get around to strike back in one way or another. Which unfortunately unfortunately ends up in an entertaining state of war. Whether you will be spared in Europe in the near future depends solely on the number of slaps on faces you are willing to distribute. You can get by without these slaps on faces, all you have to do is bring the living standards of the countries around you to the same level so that you can invite your neighbors at eye level and don’t catch a slap on face.

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