B057: What are the Anunnaki doing on a spaceship all these millennia?

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The Anunnaki are an advanced race and received their official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial human race several million years ago, because at that time the Anunnaki were still human beings. Today they belong to a separate species that is completely cut off from evolution in your universe. We would also say that Anunnaki do not do much more than manage the status quo. Their society was already structured almost as it is today several million years ago, without having evolved significantly since then. The original Anunnaki were scientists in body and soul and everything they researched was shared freely among themselves because the original Anunnaki did not have your big ego or that unnatural arrogance that today’s Anunnaki show. The original Anunnaki also had an ego and they were no strangers to arrogance, but it was all in a toned down form so that we can say: The original Anunnaki were a very peaceful people who always lived with nature and put nature above their own concerns. The original Anunnaki were also modest, except when it came to knowledge, of which they could never get enough. When the original Anunnaki received their official first contact, they did not fly around Eden with flying machines at that time, nor were they present in space, because the original Anunnaki were not an industrial race. They were a mentally advanced race that developed little technology and they could mentally travel the astral planes, but they did not yet gain mental access to your mundane plane. If you are puzzling a little as to exactly what we mean by this, we should give you a little excursion into it:

  1. You are now humans and at the same time pure consciousness. But your consciousness has been adjusted so that you are only conscious around your human body. You have a receptivity as consciousness towards the body. Your body has many functions that it performs on its own, but it also has many sensors that your consciousness uses to perceive your worldly world. You perceive the body as if you existed in the body, which is a delusion. You are a consciousness attached to the body, so that as a consciousness you form an outer shell around your body, which you commonly call a person’s aura. However, you cannot normally perceive anything outside this shell as consciousness, but only what the body makes available to you as information from its sensors. You are an incarnated spiritual being who wanted this to happen. Your body has been adjusted in such a way that your consciousness only knows this body and also only perceives the environment through the sensors of the body. If the body had other adjustments, you would also perceive other things, which, however, cannot be experienced by you at the moment.
  2. There are humans who close their eyes and can see razor-sharp images or scenes. This so-called imagination does not originate in your brain, even though your brain is involved, but your consciousness has learned to perceive another plane, which you usually call the astral plane. The astral plane includes the mundane plane because your mundane plane resides in the astral plane. The mundane plane was created, so to speak, from the energy forms of the astral plane. If this interests you, read the extensive series on the ten information dimensions of your universe documented on the scribbler’s general blog. When a human can see razor-sharp images or scenes before his or her inner eye, the consciousness of the human has ceased to focus its gaze only on the human body, but is now looking around outside its own body. You can imagine it more or less like this. Because the so-called gaze was only directed at the body, you as a consciousness also only perceived the body information and thought until then that you were this body and that reality corresponded to the information provided by the body sensors. Sensors reflect a limited area of reality, so you only use filtered information to determine your reality. Now you turn away from your body signals to experience what else the real reality has to offer. However, as you can only see a limited area in front of you through the inner eye, you are either being presented with something in that area or you are actually creating something through your thoughts from the energies of the astral plane that you can then marvel at. We say it so clearly now so that there is no misunderstanding: Most meditators are presented with something in their inner eye, and since we, as the spiritual beings, exist around you all the time unrecognised, we are also the ones who show you what can take you further, no matter what it is. So if you can see something in your mind’s eye, it is we who allow you to see it. If you put a lot of mental strength into your attempts to see something in that inner eye, then we have given you permission to do that. We will also watch over your progress so that we can initiate the next actions on your body for your advancement. As spiritual beings we perceive reality as it was actually constructed, but we too cannot perceive everything, however this is only true in All That Is, because we too only have a limited reception radius. If the person has received permission from us to perceive the astral plane or only a limited area of it, we come to the next point of the mental journey.
  3. An astral journey is not what most persons assume it to be and we repeat what we have said in many blog posts on this subject when we say the following: You are not travelling your mundane world or the mental world on an astral journey, but mostly a defined area on the astral plane. This defined area on the astral plane can appear like the mundane world, but it is only a reflection of it and rarely complete. You are constantly observed in your travels and only very rarely are you allowed to leave the defined area and travel the astral planes of your universe. A journey into the spiritual world is generally forbidden to you. The spiritual world contains the main plane of matter. In this realm there are all the universes and in one of these universes you are present and reading these lines. This universe is an energetic bubble which you may commonly call the astral plane or hemisphere. The astral plane is strictly isolated from the spiritual world so that nothing from these universes can have any influence on the spiritual world. So when you speak of an astral plane, it is only in this limited little energetic bubble that surrounds your universe. Every object in your universe also generates an energetic bubble, so Earth is not exempt. If you can actually astral travel on the astral plane, it is on one of the astral planes of Earth, which we commonly call the earth-astral planes. On one of these earth-astral planes you are just aware because you can see something pin sharp in your inner eye. However, this is only a limited area that we allow you so that you do not get in the way of the myriad beings on your earth-astral planes and get into mischief. How large you experience this area has nothing to do with the actual reality that is normally hidden from you. If you are really experiencing astral travel, it is only on one of the earth-astral planes and only in areas that you are allowed to enter. If you believe that you can determine this, then we will say the following: You have not even guessed until now that your universe is only a tiny little area in the spiritual world, because you have always thought that your universe is All That Is, but you are as far from reality as the Wingmakers’ imagination has so far allowed. Your perceived reality is comparable to a grain of sand on Earth to describe what this reality actually consists of. You only receive small bits of information from a small band of reality and most beings perceive much wider bands of reality, so their reality is also much more accurate than yours, which you can see, taste, smell, hear, feel and measure. Let us now move on to the supreme discipline of mental travel.
  4. A mental journey on your mundane world. What exactly is this, we ask? Exactly what many astral travellers always assume when they have managed to enter a state of consciousness in which they can perceive reality from a different perspective. When you experience astral travel, so to speak, you will be able to view your apparent surroundings from different perspectives as a part of consciousness, except that this will mostly be in a delineated area on an earth-astral plane that can represent the most beautiful places. However, you do not become aware with your partial consciousness on the mundane plane because this reality band is faded out. All reality bands and therefore all planes of existence exist in the same place. Your universe is an energetic bubble and matter exists in this bubble as you can currently perceive it. However, this perception only corresponds to one plane of existence, while in this bubble many other planes of existence exist in the same space, only on different frequency bands, which can also overlap. So when you can see something in front of your inner eye, you perceive the existence band of an earth-astral plane, but then the existence band of the worldly world is faded out. If, however, you manage to expand your partial consciousness to such an extent that you can perceive more and more existential bands, then the existential plane of the worldly world will also appear and you will become aware of your body, so to speak. This must not be mistaken for a general astral journey in which you detach yourselves from your body, so to speak. This is only to show you that you can now perceive another plane of existence. To see something in your mind’s eye, to experience astral travel, or to become almost fully conscious mentally as a partial consciousness on the mundane plane are different actions and different perceptions, even though much of it appears to be the same thing. Almost no person on your planet is capable of mentally perceiving the mundane world outside of their body. There are a few people who perceive something similar, but very few people are fully aware of it. When we say these few persons are fully aware during mental journeys, we mean the following: If you were to stand up now and be fully aware of your surroundings, you would notice a difference in how you perceive dreams, meditations or astral journeys. If you spend a minute in awareness, you can remember everything you perceived in that minute. But if you are as aware on an astral plane or during a mental journey in your worldly world as you were during that one minute of awareness, then you are fully aware. Only those humans can experience this state who are supposed to, in order to generate added value for society from it. Most so-called gurus may be able to do something similar, but since they are following a belief that they want to transport out into the world, they are not allowed to experience these realities with full awareness, because then they would get behind many secrets that would undermine their belief, which is not desired by the spiritual world. That is why we can also say that almost all astral travellers do not experience reality as it really is, because most astral travellers do not understand at all what they are experiencing. Why then should a person experience other realities in which they might be able to cause irritation or mischief on these planes? This is exactly what nobody wants and as long as the so-called astral travellers are satisfied with this, this will not change any time soon. However, if official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is imminent, then the possibilities will be expanded because you will then also be initiated into the secrets of the other existences or realities. All advanced species experience and work with these realities.

The original Anunnaki could not travel the astral plane of your universe before their official first contact. They could not mentally travel to mundane worlds either, but they could experience the astral planes of their planet in a diminished way. As a result, they were also able to have mental conversations, which evolved into communicating less and less verbally. Everything they did always had to do with what they could mentally explore. If they hardly developed technology, it was because they were mentally capable of more than technology could have offered them. If you do not need complicated technology, because you can do everything much more simply and effectively, then there is no need to research in this area. You earthly humans are the least mentally advanced species, so that all other races and species have long since overtaken you in this area. We have revealed why you are so mentally underdeveloped at present in a series on Atlantis on the scribbler’s general blog, so you can read the background to it. Because you have no mental abilities, you have to compensate for your inability with technology. There are other technological species, but they all realised after official first contact that their previous technology was completely ineffective, so they were able to evolve into mentally advanced species who still do advanced research with technology today. The original Anunnaki were mentally advanced, but they could not mentally travel to alien worlds. All that changed when they experienced their official first contact. When the go-ahead was given, there had been sporadic sightings of extraterrestrial visitors before, but because these contacts were infrequent, it never became a global issue of interest to Anunnaki society. When the mighty spaceships appeared in the firmament of the homeworld as small glittering dots, the original Anunnaki were as amazed as you will be when in a few years’ time these glittering dots appear in your firmament. The original Anunnaki wanted to know what it meant, so the phenomena were hotly debated in society. The spaceships came closer and closer to the planet over time, so that one day they were clearly visible to the naked eye. Since the original Anunnaki had hardly developed any technology at that time, they were astonished when they realised what could be possible with technology. You earthly humans will immediately recognise what these glittering dots in the firmament represent because you can guess the workings behind them, although that is all you know about them if you have never dealt with extraterrestrial implications and different social structures. For the original Anunnaki these spaceships were uncharted territory and they immediately began to explore in this direction, although the completion of first contact was quick as the original Anunnaki as a race were already very peaceful. With you the situation is different, because the earthly human race is more violent than any other human species. When you have gazed at these spaceships for a few years, and for years you have only known this one subject, you will automatically become more peaceful, because your social rulers will no longer receive attention and they will have to bow to the popular demand. The people only want to discuss the arrival of these spaceships and this for years. When official first contact was made with the original Anunnaki, they were given as a gift the technology to travel between the stars, which is given to every species that has made official first contact. This technology caused the original Anunnaki to become concerned only with the knowledge of it, so that many of their own spaceships were constructed, growing in size over time the longer a species used and researched this technology. It took the original Anunnaki many millennia to get to the point of creating large Fleet Cruisers. During this time, they also researched their genetics based on the new findings and knowledge of the extraterrestrial species. The research was followed by the first changes to them, so that the original Anunnaki were given an ever-increasing life expectancy, which suited their stay on the larger spaceships. When the first large Fleet Cruiser entered service, the original Anunnaki already had a very long life expectancy, but they were not yet the species of today’s Anunnaki, so many things happened in between, which we would like to address at a later time.

Today, however, we want to talk about all the things the Anunnaki do on these spaceships, with which they travel around for centuries until they devote themselves to another task. A Fleet Cruiser of one hundred kilometres in length is truly enormous and when several tens of thousands of Anunnaki live on it, a large number of them are busy managing nature in this spaceship because nature looks like the fabled Eden that the Anunnaki recreate on these spaceships in order to always be close to their homeworld of Eden. The Anunnaki are now a technological species, but robots that do everything a human doesn’t feel like doing in your future movies are a bit of a stretch. There are automatons that do many things, but not as extensively as you would assume. Anunnaki also get their hands dirty when it comes to their habitat. A Fleet Cruiser actually holds small landscapes that are beautiful to look at with rivers, lakes and elevations and they are there to make those landscapes experienceable in space. By this we mean the following: If you were to design such a massive spaceship today, it would be full of technology that will take up a lot of space. You would construct many levels on which humans could live and work. It would look like a huge office building with shopping malls and entertainment areas, but there would be very little nature in it because you would want to use every square metre, as every little area is incredibly expensive and in great demand. The Anunnaki do not have such problems because they know neither money systems nor property. Therefore, there must always be a reason for this society to undertake such a large project. Constructing a transport spacecraft is child’s play, and we also think that the more technology you have to use to run this habitat, the more costly it becomes. The Anunnaki are building a massive shoebox in space, so to speak, and if huge areas are provided that are several kilometres in diameter, then landscapes can be created where Anunnaki can live and work. There is something like a control unit where information converges and where much discussion and decision-making takes place. But such units are like a citizens’ council where general and specific decisions are made. The Anunnaki live on a Fleet Cruiser almost as they do on their homeworld Eden, although their radius of action is smaller, even though these Fleet Cruisers are one hundred kilometres long. They miss nothing there because everything the Anunnaki desires is available. An Anunnaki does not have a bunk in a small chamber, like sailors on a large ship with you on Earth, but Anunnaki occupy living quarters that are built in the landscapes. Many Anunnaki are employed to manage these biotopes and other Anunnaki have tasks that the Fleet Cruiser specifies. The Fleet Cruisers that were stationed near Earth when the Anunnaki were on Earth were designed to transform indigenous societies so that these new societies would hand over their own gold to the Anunnaki as tribute. That is their job and even today many of these massive cruisers are stationed at alien worlds to monitor gold mining there. On these Fleet Cruisers it looks like a small underground city, with lots of nature and animals that provide the inhabitants with everything they need to live. There are also technical areas on these Fleet Cruisers, but they are small compared to the overall size. A Fleet Cruiser is always built as we have just described, no matter which advanced species also operates such a Fleet Cruiser. Everything that is important to an Anunnaki can be found there, so that work and life on such a Fleet Cruiser hardly differ from work and life on Eden. That is why no Anunnaki has any qualms about choosing the space-faring Anunnaki caste. Female Anunnaki are also present there and we say why. The male Anunnaki show no interest in the female gender, but the princesses of the Anunnaki have a positive influence on the male Anunnaki, so that time and again female Anunnaki visit Fleet Cruisers for a short time to have a look around. When these ladies visit, the excitement is great because only real princesses are given the privilege of inspecting Fleet Cruisers. The Anunnaki gold promoters, by that we mean the influential Anunnaki, like Enki is one, are in command of these Fleet Cruisers, but they don’t own them; everything the Anunnaki make always belongs to the Anunnaki society and the Queens are ultimately in command of it. One of the duties of the Daughters of the Queens is to control the areas of the Kingdom, this includes spaceships. Through these activities, the daughters of the queens are to be prepared for a later regency. The daughter of a queen is at one time given female Anunnaki at her side, whom you can compare to best friends. With this community, the real princess moves around to visit the territory and outposts that are under the control of the mother queen. From this community, bonds are formed that last for millennia and the feeling that the Anunnaki receive when this community of princesses visit can be compared to humility and respect. Furthermore, this community of princesses stays there long enough to have much news to report and also to listen to much that the troops on the ground have to report. Female Anunnaki are rarely stationed on a Fleet Cruiser, so this fact is hardly worth mentioning. Once you have the knowledge of how extraterrestrial species construct and operate spaceships, you will adopt the same approach, as this is the best way to undertake long exploratory voyages. You will soon realise that everything else is nonsense when your Earthly scientists have understood the simple construction of small flying machines that can fly to any place on your planet in a few moments. The technology, if we want to put it that way, is so simple, but you have not yet acquired the basic knowledge of it, and any attempt to explore these subjects is prevented by your scientific community because their own dogmas prevent them from doing so. The original Anunnaki did not know these dogmas, but because they did not develop technology, they researched very different subjects than you do at present. Your official first contact will change all that.

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