B016: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 16

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The home planet of the Anunnaki is beautiful and also extremely healthy. The Anunnaki go to great lengths to keep it that way. They stopped polluting their planet a long time ago and much has been done to make it appear as it does in their tales of so-called Eden, because the surface of the planet is indeed the fabled Eden. When the Anunnaki began to manipulate the consciousness of humanity on the earth-astral planes, they not only made themselves gods, but they made their homeworld what it represents to the Anunnaki. Their homeworld is their paradise and so they have told humans about the surface of their home planet and at the same time deposited their invented stories in humanity’s consciousness. When humans heard the stories from the so-called gods, they also unconsciously accessed the humanity consciousness so that they felt that these stories were true and that the Anunnaki were the gods who created humanity. The creation of earthly humans was supposed to have taken place in what is called Eden, which is also the paradise where every human being goes if the gods are favourable to him. However, as we have already said, the people rebelled and drove the so-called gods from the earth. For the Anunnaki, their homeworld is indeed paradise, so they spared no effort even to create a second sun for the well-being of the planet. Why they did this and how, we will now explain.

The Anunnaki already had a very clean and healthy planet, but they wanted even more, so they considered how they could support the planet even better. Since the vegetation was already very diverse, there was no need for action here. The animals, which are really impressive, did not need to be supported either. The oceans are clean and richly populated. Actually, there was no obvious need for action and yet the Anunnaki wanted to do something, so they came up with the idea of strengthening the energy field around the home planet so that solar storms would not pose a threat to the abundant life. If you take a second sun, how will you strengthen a large energy field with it, we ask? Not at all, the second sun does radiate light, but it is not a sun in the conventional sense, but the so-called sun is a planet the size of your moon that has been altered in the following way. The inner core of the planet has been drilled into so that a lot of plasma is created, because a planetary core is not made of heavy metals, but a plasma-like substance is found in every inner area of a larger celestial body and we also explain why this is so. When a planet is formed, many pieces of rock will ensure that a round celestial body grows. When such a celestial body is formed, a lot of material is mixed and many forces cause the material to melt. When material melts, physical properties will always cause certain portions in the material to separate and form their own homogeneous mass. Certain heavy metals will cause the material to settle and migrate to the surface. The lighter materials reach the surface faster than the heavier materials. As the celestial body moves in orbit around its central star, the gravitational pull will continue to fuel this process, so that over time the lighter material will come to the surface, but the heavier material will remain in the Earth’s interior. As the celestial mechanics keep this process going, it will never cool down in the interior of the planet, so the liquid material there is a plasma-like mass and never really cools down. This substance with its heavy material ensures that you have a magnetic shield around your Earth that deflects the plasma of the Sun. If you had a moon that also had such a strong inner plasma-like core, then that moon could strengthen the Earth’s magnetic field to better deflect solar winds. The Anunnaki have expended many resources to deliver such a moon to their homeworld. They drilled into the core to release the plasma, which allowed them to harvest the heavy metals, and it is a wonderful sight for the Anunnaki to see when they are on the surface. By diverting a celestial body, they caused a lot of confusion in their solar system. They received a lot of support because no one could talk the Anunnaki out of this idea, so many beings were involved in carrying this out, with the least impact on the other planets and moons. When the Anunnaki drilled into this moon, many misfortunes happened and they almost refrained from releasing the plasma, but in the end they were successful so they can enjoy this beautiful sight for a very long time to come. Now what about the energy field, we ask? The energy field is strengthened and the magnetic field is also much stronger now. Isn’t the magnetic field the energy field, we ask? No, they are two different energies, so now we will briefly explain what the energy field around a planet is all about.

You are well aware of what a magnetic field is, although you still don’t really understand why it exists in the first place. But today we will only talk briefly about the energy field of a planet, and then we will go into detail in another blog entry. When a celestial body comes into being, many processes ensure that the so-called magnetic field is created. When the so-called magnetic field arises, it always has an effect on the subtle planes, which are located between the material plane and the plane of the main astral planes. There are several basic forces and one basic force is electrostatics, which causes bodies to seemingly attract each other, furthermore there is the basic force of magnetism. If the basic force of magnetism acts on this subtle intermediate level, this intermediate level will rearrange itself so that the magnetism of your planet ensures that the earth still has seven astral levels in the earthly energy field. If this basic magnetic force changes, then the energy field around your Earth will also change. The Anunnaki have strengthened their subtle plane so that they can now do a great deal on the astral planes of their two celestial bodies. That is why they also know how to influence the consciousness of humanity on this level. They gained this knowledge a long time ago, so that they always put on the same show on countless worlds. They first manipulate the humanity consciousness in the energy field of the planet in order to then appear as gods, which they have already deposited as information in the humanity consciousness beforehand. The beings on the planet will immediately take it from them and the Anunnaki then have simple working slaves who want to do everything from the bottom of their hearts for their gods. Before the Anunnaki come to you on Earth, after the official first contact has already been made, they will first manipulate the consciousness of humanity. In this way they want to appear as saviours so that Enki can carry out his perfidious plans in order to emerge victorious from the conflict with the humans. However, when they come you will already know everything they want to do, because we will tell you. The human extraterrestrial species will also tell you, but they do not know the perfidious plans of Enki. We know them and we have been allowed to share them with you so that you can prepare yourselves. You will nip their mental attacks in the bud. You will work a lot with the earth energy field because we have already revealed some of it. When this scribbler is no longer alive, it will be quite some time before the non-human races pay their respects to the people of Earth. Then the Anunnaki will also reappear, but earthly humanity will have prepared itself by then because we are laying the groundwork. The scribbler generation will learn much about how to program a crystal. This is elemental so that you can access the Earth energy field so that you can already work with it. By the time the Anunnaki arrive you will have learned so much that you can easily protect yourselves against their attacks.

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