B015: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 15

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We have already mentioned that the planet is essential for the survival of each individual Anunnaki. We have described how a new Anunnaki is produced and that a new Anunnaki is not inhabited by an incarnation. If an intelligent living being is not inhabited by an incarnation, then the spark of life is missing and the flesh of the corporeal body will perish, so all newborn Anunnaki died shortly after birth. Many Anunnaki were unsettled and tried to seek advice everywhere because their entire race was on the verge of extinction. The spirit world did not want the Anunnaki race to perish so they explained to the Anunnaki how to find a replacement spark of life. Every star and planet is inhabited by a consciousness and the Anunnaki homeworld is no exception. The Anunnaki have to perform a curious ritual in order to obtain this substitute life spark. The being of the planet also needs this life spark, so there are only a certain number of Anunnaki. The planet always receives the life spark back when an Anunnaki dies. Because the Anunnaki and the Anunnaki homeworld use the same form of energy for the life sparks, they are not only very intensely entangled on an astral level. We speak of this type of connection as a symbiosis that the Anunnaki homeworld has entered into with the living Anunnaki. The Anunnaki feel this connection and they would do anything to make their homeworld well because the wellbeing of the homeworld is immediately reflected in the wellbeing of the Anunnaki. If the planet is unwell, the Anunnaki themselves will feel it because the transmitting spark of life makes that connection. When an Anunnaki thinks of his homeworld, he always thinks of the Garden of Eden, because it is indeed the so-called Garden of Eden. The Anunnaki are extremely close to nature, but only when it comes to their homeworld. The homeworld of the Anunnaki is Eden, although the name has been handed down incorrectly. You do not know about God’s Garden of Eden for nothing because the Anunnaki wanted it that way. Eden is the surface of their homeworld and we must confess it really does look like that. Many Anunnaki inhabit the inner area of the planet, so they tend the surface but do not settle there. The inner area of the homeworld is no less impressive, however, so we would say that the planet the Anunnaki consider their homeworld is the healthiest and most well-maintained planet in the entire universe inhabited by an intelligent species. The planet is truly unique and when the Anunnaki implanted the knowledge of the Garden of Eden into humanity’s consciousness, they were not lying about Eden, but everything else is completely far-fetched. The Anunnaki wanted to keep man as a benevolent slave, but neither did they perform genetic experiments on apes so that man could be created, nor did they need the gold to save their planet. All the stories are false and yet there is always a grain of truth in them, so we will soon be starting a series on the Anunnaki that will reveal what happened on planet Earth. We know exactly what happened because we can see the information from the people of Earth at that time. This information has not been manipulated. Why do we say this, we ask? The consciousness of humanity that is present on the astral planes of your earthly energy field has been manipulated by the Anunnaki, so the knowledge of the epoch of the Anunnaki on Earth is not authentic. Also, the Anunnaki still have access to this humanity consciousness, so their appearance on Earth after official first contact will cause the Anunnaki to begin again to abuse this humanity consciousness for their own purposes. They have portrayed themselves much better than they actually were and many people who access the field of humanity consciousness, consciously or even unconsciously, will always receive manipulated information about the time of the Anunnaki. It makes a big difference whether someone connects to what is called the Akashic Chronicle or to your planet’s field of consciousness. The consciousness field of the planet is constantly being changed by you, because you are constantly forming forms there with every thought you think. This earthly field of consciousness also has an archive, so to speak, that you all perceive and call the memory of humanity. The Anunnaki have manipulated this archive so that you perceive a false story about these so-called gods. They can also manipulate the current perception of humanity’s consciousness. When Enki and his entourage officially introduce the Anunnaki race to Earth, they will have begun to manipulate humanity’s consciousness to their satisfaction shortly before. What they do not know is that we will describe beforehand what they are up to and what the effects will be, so that future generations will have the knowledge so that they can protect humanity’s consciousness from it. Many extraterrestrial races will warn you of the Anunnaki, but if you have heard about it a great deal of time beforehand, then humans will better accept the urgent danger so that they can properly prepare for the Anunnaki. We may divulge advice on this so that such a thing may not be undertaken again with the people of Earth, which they have already done once in another form. We will discuss the second sun of the Anunnaki homeworld in the next part, for this so-called sun is truly extraordinary.

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