B017: What happened when the Anunnaki arrived on Earth? – Part 1

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When the Anunnaki arrived in your solar system, they already knew very well what to expect on Earth, because they had intercepted many messages from foreign races reporting on Earth. They had sent an advance party to find out whether the planet would be suitable for mining gold there. When the Anunnaki find a habitable planet, they only do something on that planet if they find a human-like species that has not yet developed very far. Then they are able to influence the species so that the native species mines the gold for the Anunnaki, because Anunnaki themselves are reluctant to do this work. They go to great lengths to ensure that they are seen as the gods they would actually like to be. When the advance party arrived, the population of Earth was not very developed and we also say they did not actually know the wheel yet, but there were already larger settlements. We also say that the people did not yet look like the people of that time, but it was not a different race of people, but the people did not yet have this diversity that we can marvel at all over the earth today. The people had dark hair and looked like Central Europeans. A long time ago there was only one human race on the planet. Over time, many extraterrestrial races of humans have introduced their gene pool into the earthly humans, so you are not one race of humans on earth, but many. This is like an experiment because it is not common in the universe. Normally there is only ever one human race on a planet and only after official first contact with an extraterrestrial race does the native human race begin to mix with the extraterrestrial human races. Earth is different because the extraterrestrial human races started to introduce their genetic material into the Earth species a long time ago. That is why you have so many human races today, which have been intermixing more and more since earthly globalisation. This happens very slowly on other planets, so Earth is an exception that many extraterrestrial researchers like to visit for study purposes. When the Anunnaki first arrived on the planet, this diversity did not yet exist and the Anunnaki mapped the entire planet. Their technology showed them the rich deposits of precious metals. The Anunnaki love gold and because they really make everything out of gold, gold has a very high value among the Anunnaki. Other precious metals are also sought, but everything is focused on gold with the Anunnaki, so they found out early on that there were very many rich deposits of this precious metal on Earth. Humans were also studied so that the Anunnaki could make preparations for the second phase of their arrival. The Earth has an energy field and even then the Earth had several astral planes. In terms of number, the energy field at that time was three layers and humans also had only three energy bodies. Today the earthly energy field consists of seven layers and the human energy field also consists of seven layers. This has to do with the fact that you are about to make official first contact, so a few thousand years ago the earthly energy field was reshaped so that earthly humanity could be pacified. At that time there were only the three layers in the earthly energy field and also at that time there was already a consciousness of humanity in this energy field, in which a great deal was already formed, which the earthly people accessed unconsciously. If there are strong forms in the consciousness of humanity, then the people on earth will instinctively perceive these forms. The Anunnaki know this because their homeworld also has such an energy field and the Anunnaki have experimented with it a great deal. In doing so, they have noticed the connection between the strong forms of human consciousness and the instinctive perception of the inhabitants, so that they have also been able to strengthen certain forms in order to steer the population in a certain direction. This realisation enables the Anunnaki to manipulate the humanity consciousness in the planet’s energy field on alien worlds. The Anunnaki thereby enjoy a strategic advantage in telling the native population that they are not only from the stars, but that they are their gods who are now taking their toll. Since the native population always instinctively accesses the humanity consciousness in the energy field of their home planet, they will perceive the manipulated forms of the Anunnaki and believe everything the so-called gods tell them. When the population has been blinded by this, the Anunnaki will begin to build the infrastructure so that soon gold can be mined in large quantities. Until then, the self-proclaimed gods will act very graciously and bring a lot of new knowledge to this planet so that the beings there will also quickly be ready to pay homage to their gods with tributes. The population will do well at first because the new knowledge brings many advantages. But if the tributes are to be paid, most species realise quite quickly that everything is designed for the extraction of gold and not for the benefit of the indigenous population. This is what happened mainly in the Mediterranean at the time when the Anunnaki officially invaded the Earth. They manipulated the consciousness of humanity in the energy field of the Earth, and then announced their arrival with large spaceships. At first they flew around with their space transports still at an enormous height to show the population that the gods were coming, because such a thing had been experienced by very few people before. All the people looked puzzled at the transport ships in the sky and because they unconsciously accessed the manipulated consciousness of humanity, they knew immediately what these companions were that were flying their circles in the sky. The information about them was previously deposited in the humanity consciousness by the Anunnaki. The forms included the transport ships with the indication that it was their gods who were now returning home. Instinctively, the humans sensed it and so they began to make preparations because this too was precisely foreseen in the humanity consciousness. The Anunnaki have been doing this for thousands of years, so it has been done very effectively. The Anunnaki settled in a city near the Nile. This city no longer exists and its remains have not yet been discovered. When the Anunnaki landed on earth in a very imposing spaceship, it was Enki who stepped out of the spaceship as the supreme of all the gods. The population in the city at that time was not very numerous, but really all the people without exception were impressed and awestruck because this mighty vehicle landed and gods got out, shining with gold. All the people knew at that moment how to appease their gods. They had to present them with gold, which they did. The moment when Enki put his feet on the earth must have been epic for him. Enki knew very well how much gold your planet had and once that gold was mined, Enki would go down in the annals of history with it and Enki wanted to see it happen. If Enki, as a celebrated war strategist, also becomes a highly successful gold miner, he will be one of the greatest living Anunnaki and that is a goal that every Anunnaki aspires to. In the next part we will once again describe in detail the moment of arrival. Enki would also like to appear in exactly the same way again when, after official first contact with an intelligent, extraterrestrial species, he is also allowed to represent his race on Earth one day.

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