B013: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 13

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When an Anunnaki dies, the entire Anunnaki people mourn because it is rare for an Anunnaki to die. When an Anunnaki dies mysteriously, much is done to solve the Anunnaki’s death. Because the Anunnaki are very proud beings, murder also occurs among the Anunnaki. If an Anunnaki has killed another Anunnaki, it must first be clarified why the Anunnaki has become a murderer. Ethical opinions are unfamiliar to the Anunnaki because they only recognise themselves as a people. All other species are perceived as less than perfect and they are treated as such. To the Anunnaki, a human being from Earth has exactly the same status as a fish in water. Nothing moves the Anunnaki more than when it comes to their own kind, which is why they will go to great lengths to clarify why an Anunnaki killed another Anunnaki. If it has been clarified why the Anunnaki was killed, there is no punishment in the true sense, but a murderer must always commit himself for a long time to perform a task that an Anunnaki does not like to perform. What are these tasks, we ask? Among other things, they must perform menial service at an outpost, or they must renounce that which they most desire. If the Anunnaki is wealthy, that Anunnaki must give up many riches, but not to the victim’s family, but to the so-called state, these being bureaucratic kingdoms ruled by an elected queen. Who convicted the murderer in the first place and who determines the punishment, we ask? The murderers or even criminals are hunted down by the state power, because the queen has many soldiers under her command who also carry out police activities. If a dead Anunnaki is discovered, word not only gets around in the kingdom, but the news is heard everywhere because the Anunnaki have technology that allows them to transport information over long distances by means of mental data transmission. There is an organisation among the Anunnaki that controls such things, although the selection of messages would fill a blog entry of its own, so we will return to this topic later. The news of the dead Anunnaki spreads rapidly and every Anunnaki will know. These are moments in the Anunnaki where all the Anunnaki are waiting in amazement to see how this case unfolds. You must understand that it is not often that Anunnaki die and hardly ever at the hands of another Anunnaki. If the person was highly respected, then the suspense about the outcome of the case increases immeasurably. If it was murder, then it is quickly discovered and the murderer is caught. If the murderer has to justify his deed, very close attention is paid to why it happened. If the murderer killed out of greed, a stricter sentence is passed than if it was done out of self-defence or in the heat of the moment. The murderer will always be punished, even if it was self-defence, because the death of an Anunnaki will also always weaken the planet, as the homeworld has entered into a symbiosis with every single Anunnaki. If it was self-defence, however, the punishment is the least. How do the Anunnaki find out how the murder happened, we ask? They make it easy for themselves and search the murderer’s memories for the crime. The murderer can still justify himself, but actually all the evidence is on the table, so it becomes difficult to conceal the real motivation. If the sentence is pronounced, it is always by highly respected Anunnaki who are also represented in many councils. No Anunnaki is entitled to such a council seat, but that seat must be earned. May the Queen intervene in this, we ask? No, the Queen must accept the verdict and she cannot exert any influence because the councillors represent the Anunnaki and not the kingdom where the deed was done. Councils are always independent, even among the Anunnaki. When the sentence has been pronounced, the punishment does not have to begin immediately, but the condemned person can make known the timetable of his punishment. Does it happen that an Anunnaki hunts down the murderer out of revenge for a murder, asks the scribbler? No, that would be impossible because the relationship between the Anunnaki is not as intense as you perceive it to be among you humans. Anunnaki also have strong feelings, but they are much more in control of them than you humans. Therefore, murder in revenge for murder is absolutely out of the question. Even though the Anunnaki are very proud and sensitive beings, they do not have such strong base feelings as you humans. Even though murder for greed is more common, in general even murder for greed is not a cause for concern among the Anunnaki because all Anunnaki are basically wealthy. Even those who are less wealthy need not be concerned because normally all the Anunnaki are taken care of so that every Anunnaki is well off and so is the homeworld. The prestige that an Anunnaki earns over time is much more valuable to the Anunnaki than the wealth that the Anunnaki accumulate. If someone is well known and respected, that Anunnaki is more valuable to Anunnaki society than someone who is merely wealthy. That is why almost all Anunnaki compete to become the most prestigious Anunnaki. Because Anunnaki live so exceedingly long, they also have a lot of time to nurture that prestige. Enki does just that because he represents an Anunnaki with a great deal of influence who has only one flaw that he would like to remove. Whenever the name Enki is pronounced, all beings also immediately talk about his greatest defeat against earthly humanity. This circumstance prevents him from becoming the greatest living Anunnaki. Earthly humanity has made sure that his curriculum vitae does not receive the entries that would make him the greatest Anunnaki, so that this flaw is taken very personally by Enki. He did something else to humans at that time that will still be an issue for future generations of humans and we will explain in another blog entry, be curious. But if the knowledge of this is known to humanity, the future generations can reasonably deal with the return of the Anunnaki. Enki wanted to use this as leverage so that he could still emerge victorious from the battle against humanity, so that he could gain the prestige among the Anunnaki that he thought he should have had for a long time. Do not worry, the Anunnaki set something in motion long ago that they can use as an advantage if you humans do not know about it. However, with the knowledge of this, the advantage is no longer an advantage to the Anunnaki and Enki will have a difficult time emerging victorious in his battle against humanity without this so-called advantage.

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