B012: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 12

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When we speak of the Anunnaki having a special connection to their homeworld, you should understand that this homeworld and the Anunnaki have entered into a symbiotic relationship that does not exist a second time in your universe. The planet of the Anunnaki also lives within each individual Anunnaki and each Anunnaki always has the same understanding of this when it comes to their home planet. The Anunnaki is also the planet, even though it may seem difficult for you to understand this connection in depth. If the planet is doing badly, then every Anunnaki in the entire universe is also doing badly and if one or more Anunnaki die, then the homeworld of the Anunnaki is weakened for a short time. Every Anunnaki will feel the death of another Anunnaki because they feel the change in their homeworld. What do we mean by that, we ask? The homeworld has passed on a portion of its life spark to the Anunnaki, which does not mean that the passing on of the life spark severs the connection to the planet. The spark of life in an Anunnaki is still connected to the Anunnaki planet. That is why all Anunnaki instinctively know how the planet is doing. This has far-reaching consequences, so that a polluted body of water on the planet will cause a rash on an Anunnaki, no matter where that Anunnaki is in the universe. The planet is directly connected to every Anunnaki, so this connection also works in the other direction. If a colony of Anunnaki were to be wiped out, the planet will react immediately because the planet will be weakened for a short time and will need some time to finish the process. The life sparks of the Anunnaki who have died return to the Anunnaki homeworld, but the life spark takes some time to be reintegrated into the internal processes of the planet. This process is so slow because, although the same laws apply to a large celestial body, the experienced moment of a planet is much greater than the experienced moment of an Anunnaki or a human being. With this we say the following: The greater the consciousness, the longer appears to be the moment experienced by this great consciousness. With a planet, the processes will be slower than with a smaller consciousness. The spark of life will return and the planet will respond and all the Anunnaki will not only see it but they will feel it. If many Anunnaki die in a short time, then the reaction of the homeworld will be great. If only a single Anunnaki dies, the reaction is barely noticeable. When Enki, in his arrogance on Earth, sent very many Anunnaki to their deaths, the death of so many Anunnaki caused great chaos on the homeworld. Because the death of so many Anunnaki on Earth was quickly noticed in the planet’s environment, every Anunnaki could see and sense that something cruel must have happened. Enki was not sure what was happening when the uprising of the humans caused one Anunnaki after another to die in rows. The humans fought relentlessly and Enki could not have foreseen this behaviour because Enki had never been confronted with a human species like the humans of Earth. The humans sacrificed themselves to improve the common good of the humans. Such a thing was unknown to the Anunnaki and they did not know what happened to them at first, until the number of fallen Anunnaki became so great that Enki had to withdraw immediately to prevent further harm to the Anunnaki homeworld. He retreated and the humans seemed to be free again, but they were not. Enki’s arrogance had ensured that all Anunnaki were now aware that Enki, the great strategist, had been defeated by underdeveloped humans and that his misconception had resulted in him causing very great harm to the home planet. All Anunnaki know the story of the great Enki who was defeated by earthly humans. The pain was great and the rage in Enki grew ever greater, so that he decided to wipe out the earthly humans for their sacrilege. This plan did not work either and the Flood only caused great damage to the coastal cities, but it could not wipe out earthly humanity. For an extraterrestrial human species had agreed to fight for Earth’s humanity, although at that time they were not yet a technological match for the Anunnaki. Enki could have easily defeated them, but this in turn would have resulted in casualties among the Anunnaki, and Enki could not afford another dead Anunnaki because his heavy-handed approach had already done so much damage to the homeworld. It was wiser to withdraw from Earth, but Enki did not want to give up this fight altogether because Enki is driven by pride even today to seek retribution for the damage. The Anunnaki no longer have any influence on Earth. However, when official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species has been made on your planet, and many species from the Universe make their announcement on Earth, the Anunnaki will also return to Earth. The Anunnaki will introduce themselves and then it will be Enki who represents the Anunnaki. Enki is consumed by the rage of his defeat at the hands of humanity and he will find ways and means to get his revenge after all. Earthly humanity and Enki cannot be considered separately by the Anunnaki, but when Enki is spoken of, his greatest defeat is automatically always discussed and that was against the earthly humans. Enki would like to change that and he will do everything he can to achieve his goal. When many Anunnaki were killed on Earth, the Anunnaki started to raise the number of Anunnaki back to their original number. To do this they must mentally connect with the planet to ask for a new spark of life in this ritual. When they ask for it, they perform dances in honour of the planet. The process is too complicated to describe in detail in a few sentences, so now we will only explain who makes the request and why. We will then describe in detail later how the Anunnaki receive a spark of life from the planet.

Once the Anunnaki have decided which Anunnaki couple will be allowed to create a new Anunnaki, the couple had to pass countless tests beforehand. The twins that the woman allows to mature should also receive the characteristics necessary to be considered a full Anunnaki. There are no incomplete Anunnaki, but there is a wide variance among the Anunnaki who are still considered Anunnaki. Not every Anunnaki is of equal strength and not every Anunnaki has the same mental capacities, but basically the male Anunnaki are alike in most abilities. Also, the male Anunnaki look very much alike externally, which is not so with the female Anunnaki, because the female Anunnaki provide most of the genetic material. The Anunnaki no longer consist of the original DNA strands, but the female brings in most of the genetic material in the new Anunnaki. The male’s genetic material plays a minor role, but is indispensable. If the new being has been created, the tests have already ensured beforehand that the necessary Anunnaki characteristics in the new being are within the variance that makes an Anunnaki. This being is not in the mother, but the creation of a new Anunnaki being is purely artificial and has nothing at all to do with a natural reproductive process. If the Anunnaki couple had an Anunnaki being created, the couple must ask for a spark of life that will animate the twins in the incubation chamber, without the intervention of any artificial devices. Why do they only get a single spark of life for their twins, we ask? Because the twins are bonded together, so they must share a spark of life for the time they are maturing. As the donor twin becomes weaker and weaker, the energy of the spark of life is transferred further and further into the body of the recipient twin, so that the death of the donor twin completes the transfer of the remaining life energy. However, the spark of life must first be requested and for this the Anunnaki couple must perform obscure rituals, which we will now address. The Anunnaki couple goes to a certain place for a long time, which the Anunnaki worship very much because this place symbolises for them the womb of their planet from which they receive new life. This even corresponds to the fact because the spark of life is received there. But they must first persuade the planet to give the spark of life. The couple has been taught for a long time how to perform the dances and all the rituals they have to perform to prove how important the request for this spark of life is to them. They actually make themselves look quite ridiculous, because no highly developed species in the whole universe would behave in such a way. They humiliate themselves, even though they have never learned humility, and that is exactly the purpose of these performances. Only in this way are the Anunnaki able to prove their determination. The Anunnaki couple will perform these performances absolutely conscientiously and they will prove with an absolute seriousness that they are worthy to receive this spark of life. You humans, as well as many other beings in the universe, would not believe your eyes because you cannot understand why powerful beings like the Anunnaki should behave in this way. But this is the only way they maintain the spark of life and every Anunnaki knows this. That is why these performances are a deadly serious issue with the Anunnaki, although the rest of the universe could not believe what they would see there. The Anunnaki still believe that the planet actually gives them the spark of life because of this, but as the scribbler figured, powerful spiritual beings take the spark of life from the home planet and give it to the future parents. The Anunnaki do not know this because they do not care at all. We will describe the transfer of the spark of life in detail, but let me tell you, all the Anunnaki are looking at the Anunnaki couple to see if they are able to request the spark of life properly. Few Anunnaki are born because few Anunnaki die and when only one new Anunnaki is created, all Anunnaki wait anxiously for the outcome. You can imagine the pressure on an Anunnaki couple to become the parents of a new Anunnaki being.

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