B011: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 11

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When we have told you about the Anunnaki, we have always kept quiet about what the Anunnaki actually are when we look at their spiritual abilities. The Anunnaki are hardly spiritual and we tell you that you are far ahead of them in that, although spiritually as a species you are still in your infancy. Have you ever asked yourselves what spirituality actually means? No? Neither has the scribbler because he is quite naïve when it comes to categorising someone. The scribbler sees, hears or reads something about a being, the scribbler evaluates that and from that he creates a tentative assumption of what the being would probably be like. He is good at it, but his naivety does not allow him to distinguish further what kind of being it is. His naivety makes him believe that all beings are the same, whether it is a worldly being or a spiritual being. He is so naïve that he talks to us the same way he talks to any other being. Therefore, today we must proclaim that the scribbler’s naivety does not allow him to be a spiritual being. By this we say the following: The scribbler is just as spiritual as the Anunnaki, because the Anunnaki also do not care what kind of being they have before them, whether it is spiritual or physical. If the scribbler is not spiritual, what is he, we ask? The scribbler is a realist because he knows no humility at all, as spiritual beings do. Every spiritual being will immediately submit when a spiritual being appears on the scene. The Anunnaki and the scribbler would never submit, but they would speak at eye level with the spiritual being because it makes no difference at all to them. If humility is compared with spirituality, then they are to be valued equally, that is why it is hardly possible to impress the scribbler or an Anunnaki, no matter how hard we would try. The Anunnaki have a basic knowledge of the spiritual world. The scribbler has long since surpassed this basic knowledge and already knows more about the spiritual world today than the Anunnaki have managed to find out in all these thousands of years. The Anunnaki, however, have found out much through their experiments on themselves that comes close to knowledge, but which they have never really understood until today. The Anunnaki know no humility. The scribbler had a small spark of humility at the beginning of his journey into the spiritual world, but he quickly extinguished it and it will never flare up again. If spirituality is compared to humility, then you could also say you readers are humble towards the spiritual beings. The scribbler actually shakes his head because, as a realist, it is not possible for him to really understand this, even though he knows how powerful these spiritual beings are. Why do the scribbler and the Anunnaki still have no humility, when the spiritual beings could wipe out entire worlds with a thought? Because the scribbler and the Anunnaki know that it would be possible for the spiritual beings to do such a thing, but they would never do it. They are not afraid of the consequences of an encounter with a spiritual being. We did a lot of things with the scribbler to test whether he actually had no humility, because we would have organised his self-chosen path according to how much humility the scribbler exhibited. If he had actually shown humility, we would never have given him this knowledge in the way we are doing, but we would have taught the subjects in a much more spiritual way. But since he has no humility at all, we are actually able, for the first time in the history of mankind, to impart the knowledge in such a real way that it is possible for a human being to understand it. That is why we are able to tell about the Anunnaki as they really are, without using mystical superlatives to feed the scribbler’s humility. That is something he does not like at all. The Anunnaki are similar, they keep meeting spiritual beings, but they don’t care at all. Nothing can instil humility in the Anunnaki because they are realists. But they are not like the scribbler because the scribbler is also driven by his curiosity. The Anunnaki no longer know curiosity to the extent that is natural for a human being. Human beings always want to know why something is the way it seems. The scribbler only wants to know what this spiritual world actually is. The more he learns, however, the less satisfied he becomes, because the knowledge will never end and so the scribbler will learn until his death what the spiritual world represents. The Anunnaki no longer know such things because they no longer belong to the human species. They have apparently improved many things in their experiments, but through these so-called improvements other human characteristics have had to give way and curiosity has given way, as has the reproductive process, which the Anunnaki no longer possess. The spiritual world has tried to convince the Anunnaki to refrain from these so-called improvements. But the Anunnaki did not care and so they added the characteristics that make an Anunnaki and lost the characteristics that make a human. That is why the Anunnaki are no longer part of the human species today and why they belong to a selection of very few races that do not conform to any blueprint that the Wingmakers once devised. Of this selection of species, the Anunnaki are among the most successful. One day the Anunnaki race will die out because their survival depends on very fragile factors that could be quickly destroyed, so the Anunnaki are doing everything they can to protect these fragile factors. We had already touched on the fact that the Anunnaki are not inhabited by any incarnation and so they do not have a spark of life. We have also told you that they have found an energy source that replaces these life sparks, but we have never told you what this energy source is. Today we will reveal what that energy source is and what the Anunnaki must do to pluck this replacement life spark, which they will then implant into a new Anunnaki. When the Anunnaki understood that their experiments were causing the newborns to die, they investigated for a long time until they found out that the human body needs an energy source. This energy source floods the human flesh in every single cell to allow the reproduction of the cells to proceed. Since this energy is provided by an incarnation as a spark of life, the newborn Anunnaki were no longer provided with energy because their experiments resulted in the newborns no longer being inhabited by an incarnation. However, this energy had to flood the flesh, so they searched for suitable mechanisms to provide these sparks of life themselves. They did not search long because the spiritual world gave them a hint so that the species of the Anunnaki would not suddenly die out. The spiritual world announced to them that their planet was alive and also provided a spark of life that could be used for this purpose. We will explain later why the spiritual world gave the Anunnaki this hint, but they were now able to use their planet as a donor of the life spark. However, this meant that they could only take a certain amount of life energy so that the planet would still have enough life energy to survive. The number of Anunnaki is limited and all Anunnaki are connected to their home planet in a way that does not exist a second time in the universe. The Anunnaki must follow a very strange procedure to obtain a spark of life from the planet. The procedure seems more than strange to you, but it is the only way they receive the spark of life. The Anunnaki have no humility towards any being other than their home planet, so the welfare of their planet is paramount and they care for it like a Garden of Eden. We will explain in detail in the next blog entry what the Anunnaki have to do to maintain this spark of life and what else it means for the Anunnaki to be so connected to their home planet.

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