B014: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 14

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When the Anunnaki celebrate festivals, you cannot compare these events with the festivals on Earth, because festivals have a completely different significance with the Anunnaki than with you on Earth. An Anunnaki does not hold a festival to celebrate something, but always to celebrate themselves. An Anunnaki will only hold a feast when they feel it is time once again for the Anunnaki’s egoconsciousness to be fed. When you have feasts it is rarely because of one person, but feasts represent a societal achievement that is celebrated by all as a people’s feast. Among the Anunnaki there are also such events, but the announced festivals are really only held by personalities who think that they are socially indispensable. This goes so far that the Anunnaki almost require well-known Anunnaki to host such a feast once again. When the self-respecting Anunnaki holds his next feast, it must always be special, to surpass the previous feast, so that it will also be considered special by those attending the feast. A repeat of the last superior feast is always seen as a humiliation because the Anunnaki cannot or will not offer anything new to his guests. That is why there are very many Anunnaki who only care that a feast always has something extraordinary to offer. At these festivals, extraterrestrial beings are often presented, which will always cause a lot of applause among the guests. Tricks are not part of the repertoire of the organisers of feasts, because Anunnaki live for a really long time and they have seen these tricks so often that there always has to be something spectacular so that the spoilt Anunnaki are also fairly entertained. If the organiser has nothing to offer, then this will be a topic of conversation among the Anunnaki for a very long time. No self-respecting Anunnaki would want that, so an incredible amount of resources are wasted on making the festival a great success again, so that the organiser is spoken of in the highest terms. On earth, something similar would give rise to a completely new industry, because everything is done to ensure that the guests are generously entertained. We are already saying that exhibition fights are not part of it, because many Anunnaki have also evolved and fights to the death are no longer part of it in the so-called upper class. The Anunnaki stopped this inhumane behaviour a long time ago. Competitions yes, even bloody ones among the Anunnaki, but the slaughter of creatures is no longer part of it. You humans would love to adopt this attitude from the Anunnaki as soon as possible. This would indeed be a step forward in your society, but we also wish to emphasise that there is not much that you can take from the Anunnaki. The idiosyncrasies of the Anunnaki often seem very bizarre, so we advise that you do not think of the Anunnaki as human beings, they are not. The so-called reptoid beings are more human than the most human Anunnaki will ever be, because the Anunnaki have only a limited amount of the all-important frequency pattern of humanity. They look human, but they only act human to a limited extent because they only have a limited amount of this frequency pattern that the Original Source brings with it. They never become more human than they are now because they are no longer able to refine this frequency pattern. What do we mean by that, we ask? You humans live an average of 80 years. When you die, you will have become exceedingly human. We do not mean your human appearance, but how you behave towards other beings. A human being reflects on his behaviour, recognises his mistakes where he did not act humanly and decides of his own free will to act more humanly next time in such a situation. Many compare humanity with love and we also think that is not wrong, but humanity is so much more. When a being decides to act more humanly, there was a situation where the being realised that it has to be more understanding towards other beings. Because in the same situation the being itself would also have wished for more understanding. If a being can reflect on its actions in this way, then the being has a high consciousness and its humanity is very pronounced. The frequency pattern of humanity is a very dominant frequency pattern that is given by the energy of the Original Source and all beings can only ever become more human because most beings endowed with high consciousness also carry this frequency pattern within them. Their frequency spectrum has a range that is responsible for this and where this frequency pattern is represented. You humans have a human body that is predestined to develop this humanity further and further. And when the body dies and you awaken as the present person in the spiritual world, you take the humanity you have achieved from the bodily life with you into the spiritual world. You as an incarnation have then strengthened the frequency pattern of humanity in your frequency spectrum to such an extent that every spiritual being immediately perceives it. Only in a bodily life are you able to develop your humanity to such an extent. As an incarnation in the spiritual world you are hardly able to do this under normal circumstances, because only the human body can bring you to experience and also expand this humanity. When the Anunnaki changed their human blueprint, they also lost humanity. It is not totally gone, but the Anunnaki are hardly capable of becoming more human, although they have really had a lot of time, but their frequency spectrum has been changed and the range for humanity has been used differently. This is not properly described, but we will leave it that way for now so that we can revisit the subject in other blog entries. The general Anunnaki has a basic humanity that reveals itself through very inhuman behaviour. Any other being can hardly be recognised as a being because that is what their humanity pretends to be, so Anunnaki see nothing but an animal in a human. There are some Anunnaki who find humans interesting and other Anunnaki only see them as obstacles, so you also understand that you should never conform to Anunnaki society. They basically see nothing in a human other than a pet. Therefore, the arrival of the Anunnaki on Earth is to be closely watched. They demand satisfaction for the fact that the animals of Earth were once able to chase them off this planet. Humanity would have made them realise after a long time that they had acted very inhumanely and they would adjust their actions. However, since the Anunnaki no longer have this ability, they still have exactly the same attitude towards earthly humans as they once had when even the Flood could not satisfy the Anunnaki’s desire for revenge. You are in no immediate danger, but when they reappear on Earth you should pay close attention to what they will offer you, for appearances will be deceptive and you must be wary of these Beings. Only a few Anunnaki actually have a benign interest in earthly humanity and Enki is certainly not one of them, even though his perfidious plans may give him an extraordinary feast that he himself will never surpass later. Do not give them the opportunity to do so, so that you are warned. We will come to these perfidious plans, but in the next few blog entries we want to address something that should be of great interest to you. What about the energy sources that the Anunnaki have? You will be amazed at what they do to ensure that their planet is as good as possible, because the Anunnaki planet is vital to the survival of each and every Anunnaki, so they have done incredible things for you to ensure that.

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