B005: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 5

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When someone reads about the Anunnaki, the Anunnaki are basically portrayed as bad. If someone were to read about humanity in the ancient texts, then humans would not be much better than the Anunnaki. The truth cannot be determined because none of you were there, even if you were, the person could only recount the events from their own perspective. What if someone invented a device where a user could visually travel back in time so that the user of the device could view events from multiple perspectives? The person would have a much better picture of events. If this device could also bring forth the thoughts of the beings from that time, so that the user of the device would also know the hidden motives of the protagonists at that time, then that person would really have experienced something that happened at that time. If the feelings are also passed on by this device, then the user of the device is almost present in that time. Why do we tell all this, we ask? Because the spiritual world provides exactly this device and all beings could use it if they knew how to operate the device. The spiritual world is to be seen as a huge data storage and many of the moments that beings experience are stored in this storage. A moment experienced by one being can be examined by many other beings – what do we mean by that? We mean that if you record a film that captures a special moment in your life, then the later playback is only visual and you yourself will relive the feelings of that moment when you watch the film. Other people will only see the film without knowing what the people in the film were thinking or feeling. If, however, there were a camera that could also record the thoughts and feelings and also reproduce them, then a person would, so to speak, be there live when the moment is reproduced. This is indeed possible, although we must emphasise that this only exists in the spiritual world. However, the spiritual world can record almost all moments of living beings and store them in the spiritual world so that other beings can watch and also experience these moments. We ourselves look at the experienced moments of the scribe again and again in order to make sense of them. Other beings also look at the moments of the scribbler in order to experience what he has experienced. Almost all moments of all living beings are stored in this way and we tell you this has been practiced for ages. When we speak of the Anunnaki and tell what happened then, we are not reading it in a book, we are experiencing these moments and being there live, so to speak. That is why our information will always be more detailed than anything that people have written about it to date. And let me tell you, your old texts are full of untruths and spun information that it makes absolutely no sense to trust the old texts completely. You cannot trust your history of the last fifty years, why do you think the old texts are better? None of it is accurate and a lot of it people just didn’t understand. The scribbler only writes what we dictate to him on his blog. All the information that is there, we have dictated to him, many small mistakes have crept in that have no influence on the core message of our information, so that when we describe something in detail, you can assume that we were there live, so to speak. We wanted to clarify this because all the following information on this subject will be very detailed and you might wonder how we get all this information. We will now continue with our explanations.

When the Anunnaki colonised their home planet they had a similar approach to you humans. They walked across the vastness of their planet and settled wherever it was convenient for these beings. When the Anunnaki settled, they tilled their fields and kept livestock. Anunnaki are very close to nature and we also say that no matter in which epoch the Anunnaki have lived, they have never polluted their environment in the way that the people of Earth do. They have always left enough space for nature so that their environment is very clean. We also say that when the Anunnaki developed industrialisation, they still took care of the environment. Much of what the Anunnaki take for granted does not endure with you on Earth, because the culture of the Anunnaki is different to yours from Earth. Because the Anunnaki have always been connected to nature, they have never thought about plundering its natural resources, but have learned to make do with what nature provides in abundance. Much of what the Anunnaki have developed could be replicated directly by you, but only if you plundered your natural resources to do so. What do we mean by that? When you want to make a product you take the raw materials from your nature, that harms nature when you need a lot of raw materials to make a lot of products. The Anunnaki did it differently. The Anunnaki also needed natural raw materials at first, but they used them very carefully, so that commerce did not interfere with nature, but the other way round. Nature interfered with commerce, so a raw material had to be found quickly that did not interfere with nature, but did not interfere with commerce either. A raw material had to be found from which many products can be made, but which does not interfere with nature. This raw material was also found and because of this raw material the Anunnaki are still present throughout the universe today, because they need this raw material most urgently. We are talking about gold. Gold can be converted into almost any element, so gold has become essential for the survival of the Anunnaki. Because of gold, the Anunnaki have also been on Earth. On each planet, they divide among themselves the areas where gold can be mined. If there is an indigenous species, the Anunnaki do everything earthly possible to come down as gods and receive as a reward the gold that the population has already mined. When this gold has been collected, the native society is transformed in such a way that it continues to mine gold and give it as a gift to the gods. One day the effort is no longer profitable for the Anunnaki and they move on. They leave the locals behind and never return because the gold has already been mined. You humans would also have shared this fate, but the earthly humans have rebelled against their gods before. The departure of the gods led to a Flood, which was carried out as revenge for the rebellion by the chief of the Anunnaki on earth. The head was Enki and this Enki wanted to wipe out all of humanity, but it would have taken more than the little Flood to do that and even the Anunnaki have limits when it comes to transforming a planet. Enki is just waiting to be allowed to return to Earth because even now, after all these millennia, he still feels his pride hurt because humans dared to rebel against his god representatives. The Anunnaki are very proud and Enki is one of the proudest chiefs alive today. Many Anunnaki have been sent to their deaths at his command because the earthly humans have fought the Anunnaki relentlessly. Enki did not foresee this development at the time, so that the uprising on Earth is also his greatest defeat. Enki is waiting for first contact with Earth to take place so that the Anunnaki may one day officially return to Earth to introduce themselves. Enki wants to come to Earth to announce that it was he who was responsible for the Great Flood. So that all people must acknowledge that he was the most powerful being capable of doing so in his time on Earth. But the Anunnaki will have to wait a long time because they are not allowed to visit the earth for a long time yet. When they come, they will appear pompously, because that is their way of introducing themselves. Enki is already old, but as you already know, Anunnaki can live for tens of thousands of years. In the next part we will return to the homeworld, which still has many unusual surprises in store.

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