B004: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 4

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The Anunnaki are a people who have been resident on their home planet for a very long time. When the Anunnaki were created, the Wingmakers did not anticipate that this people would one day be uninhabited – what do we mean by that, we ask? Humans are generally inhabited by incarnations because all humans were designed to be inhabited by an incarnation. When the Wingmakers presented the blueprint of the human being to the spiritual world, they had also announced how much power an incarnation receives if it dares to incarnate into a human being. Many spiritual beings do not dare to incarnate into a human being because they themselves will never exist again, but the consciousness of the human being will dominate the consciousness of the previous incarnation. When you die as a human being, you will be the spiritual being that awakens in the chosen form that was the previous incarnation. You still have the same consciousness from Earth at the time of your death, but the previous incarnation is still there, because even now, as you read these lines, you are to a certain percentage the consciousness of your previous incarnation. When you are old and wise, you will have conformed as much as possible in behaviour to the previous incarnation. Therefore, you will awaken in the spiritual world as the person you were on earth, which was also your previous incarnation. You are then again an incarnation with consciousness from Earth, but you have much more power than before you incarnated. Because you have dared to incarnate, you have received at least the increase in power that the Wingmakers guaranteed when they presented the blueprint of the human being to the spiritual world. But you will receive even more power because everything you have experienced as a human being, whether it was happy or sad moments, will ensure that you receive even more power. This is one of the reasons why you incarnated in the first place. The Anunnaki changed their own blueprint so that the increase in power could no longer be guaranteed, so most incarnations refrained from incarnating into these beings, nor does any incarnation want to live a life in the flesh for tens of thousands of years. The Wingmakers were disappointed in the Anunnaki for doing such a thing, but they did not intervene because each species is allowed to decide for itself how it will evolve. The Anunnaki did not know the spiritual world in the way that you perceive it. Anunnaki were never very spiritual because their form of society never provided for such a thing. Because they were never very spiritual, they also did not know that they were inhabited by an incarnation. That and many small historical peculiarities have meant that there has never been an Anunnaki who has inquired in the spiritual world what the spiritual world even is. When they experienced their first contact, they were informed about it, but they did not want to know anything about it because they had not built up any knowledge about it beforehand either. They neither travel the astral planes nor connect with spiritual beings. Nothing that was done to bring the spiritual world to the Anunnaki was crowned with success. They were quick to use technology to make themselves better, which resulted in them having this long life expectancy today, and their culture was also changed – we will tell you exactly what that means another time.

Today we want to tell you about their homeworld, because the homeworld is similar to your Earth and yet it is not. The flora is very similar to yours, but the fauna is different. They have animals so big that you would think an elephant is a cat by comparison. If an animal was bigger than a family house, would you be impressed? We think so. These huge animals are like cattle to look at and they are kept for meat production. You could see many flying animals that look very threatening but are very peaceful. In the seas live creatures similar to your blue whales, only much larger. The Anunnaki planet is twice the diameter of your Earth. We think a little less is more accurate, but there is a lot of space on the planet that is still uninhabited. The culture lives with nature and does not mistreat it as you humans do. Much of the surface looks familiar to you and we also reveal that you could see much of Egypt on this planet, especially pyramids of a size that would absolutely astound you. Many monumental structures can be seen and we also say much of ancient Greece originated with the Anunnaki. The Sumerians have the former people ruled by the Anunnaki as their model and many peoples have adopted and adapted the culture of the Sumerians. Among them are almost all the cultures around the Mediterranean. However, the homeworld also has a lot to offer under the surface and we also say that almost everything takes place under the surface and the surface can be interpreted as a Garden of Eden that the Anunnaki like to look at. When Anunnaki come to the surface there is always a reason for it, they especially like to watch the sunsets because there are several of them in a day. They have a central star and a small sun that orbits the planet. How is that possible, the scribbler wonders, and we reveal it. The central sun has many planets orbiting it and the Anunnaki homeworld is one of them. The small sun that orbits the planet is like a dwarf star that shines dimly and that orbits the planet in a large ellipse. The elliptical orbit ensures that the small sun is repeatedly compressed so that plasma escapes to the surface, which then glows very strongly. However, the glow is dimmed by the distance to the homeworld of the Anunnaki, so that the small star looks like a distant sun. We will explain the origins of this small sun later, but this much is said, it has not been around long and the Anunnaki had a reason for ensuring that they now have two sunrises and sunsets.

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