B003: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 3

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The Anunnaki are a very diverse people and we now explain why this is so. When a people come into being, they have been created beforehand so that they can exist on the planet where they were created from an indigenous species. Humans were created from the native apes on your planet. The Wingmakers used the blueprint of the human to create the earthly human from the ape. This is used on almost every inhabited planet to create an intelligent being on planet. It was done on Earth as well as on the homeworld of the Anunnaki. When the Anunnaki was created, the Wingmakers applied the human blueprint to an ape there. The human that resulted was not the Anunnaki of today, but a form very close to you earthly humans. How is it then that the Anunnaki has a different form today, we ask? This has to do with the fact that the Anunnaki of that time researched genetics and performed countless experiments on themselves, so that today’s Anunnaki is a being that appears human but is not very human. By human we do not mean human behaviour, but the human blueprint. The human blueprint is the best template for a human being and the Wingmakers have put a lot of work into this form of representation. The human on Earth could easily produce offspring with a human on another planet. This applies to all species of humans, including human beings who no longer resemble the human form you know. By this we mean some races of Greys who also once looked as human as you do at present, but evolution is progressing and you too will become more like the Greys in the distant future. The Anunnaki were created as a human race, but long ago they changed so genetically that they are no longer a human race, nor do they reproduce. An Anunnaki could not produce offspring with an earthly human. What do we mean by this, we ask? The genetic changes have caused the male Anunnaki to become infertile and, over time, impotent. The women do not share this fate and the offspring are artificially inseminated. For this, cells from the father are taken to fertilise the woman’s egg. The Anunnaki still have sex as do humans, but their procedure is different. We would say the male Anunnaki satisfy their partners in a way that you would call advanced petting. They have developed many techniques to keep the female Anunnaki from becoming frigid. If the Anunnaki could not satisfy their women in this way, the women would also become infertile one day. So the Anunnaki have developed techniques that can guarantee their continuation. If a female Anunnaki is pregnant, many female Anunnaki will be there for that woman, because women do not often get pregnant. When an Anunnaki is born, that Anunnaki can become very old. Today’s Anunnaki can live to be a hundred thousand years old. The scribe has now asked several times whether he has understood the time statement correctly and we repeat our statement once again: An Anunnaki can live to be a hundred thousand years old. However, this high age is never reached because even an Anunnaki does not want to become that old. On average, Anunnaki live to be several tens of thousands of years old. Seth is still alive and he will live for many thousands of years. An Anunnaki will one day decide that he or she no longer wants to exist and then puts himself or herself to sleep. This process is celebrated greatly because Anunnaki are incredibly afraid of death and we also explain why this is so. An Anunnaki is not inhabited by an incarnation as is the case with you humans. Why are Anunnaki not inhabited by one incarnation, we ask? Because Anunnaki can live so long and incarnations do not want to incarnate in a physical body for so long. An incarnation wants to experience bodily life, but not for more than several hundred years, so the Wingmakers have also limited the life expectancy of physical life forms so that incarnations also have an incentive to incarnate into a physical body. However, because the Anunnaki have done so many experiments on themselves so that they now have this extreme life expectancy, it has come about that the Institute of Incarnation no longer has the Anunnaki in their repertoire. By this we mean the following: When a spiritual being wants to attain more power, it goes to the Institute of Incarnation and chooses a physical life in which it will exist for a certain time. The incarnation inhabits the body for the duration of the physical life. The Institute of Incarnation keeps a record of all living beings on the planet in what is called a file. When an incarnation wishes to incarnate, it has made a list of all the experiences it would like to have, because each experience leads to the incarnation becoming more powerful as a result. This was intended by the Wingmakers so that the incarnations and souls would have an incentive to evolve. If the incarnation has chosen a life that has been suggested by the Institute, then that life has an effect on other lives, so that all lives are interconnected. The Anunnaki are no longer kept in this so-called file, so that no incarnation can know beforehand whether it would really experience what it has chosen. This circumstance and this extremely long life expectancy have led to the fact that the newly born Anunnaki are not inhabited by an incarnation. When an Anunnaki dies, their consciousness shifts to a subplane in the spirit world that you would call the afterlife. They live a carefree but very boring life there, so we have to say they will not evolve. They will quickly discover astral travelling there and begin to travel the spiritual world astrally. But they can only observe and have no possibility to participate in decisions. When they astrally travel, they can also communicate with other beings, but they cannot create anything on these planes through their power of thought. They travel astrally incessantly because their subplane seems very boring. When the children of the Anunnaki grow up, their childhood is little different from that of earthly children. They age normally, so that after sixteen years an Anunnaki usually appears fully grown. When the Anunnaki has lived twenty years, the ageing process will stop. To which we must say, they no longer appear to be ageing, but there are certain characteristics that are perceived by the Anunnaki amongst themselves that show them how old an Anunnaki really is. To you, an Anunnaki with thirty years of life would look the same as an Anunnaki with three hundred years of life. If you knew them, in time you would also notice these small differences. When the Anunnaki grows up, he wants to prove himself. This is also the case with the female Anunnaki and that is why there are many competitions held by the Anunnaki to show how physically fit an Anunnaki is. Until then, the Anunnaki has been with his family most of the time and has not attended school, as is the case with you humans. This does not mean that a young Anunnaki has not learned anything, on the contrary, Anunnaki are excellent teachers, so young Anunnaki know everything that is important in life. When the Anunnaki starts to prove himself in the competitions, then the real life of an Anunnaki starts, because every Anunnaki takes on a task and there is no Anunnaki without a task. The form of society is very hierarchical. The women rule the Anunnaki and the men support the women. The women have the power and there is a reason for that. Women can naturally assess situations better than men, this is also the case on Earth, even if many men on Earth see it differently. When the Anunnaki still fought many wars among themselves, the losses were so high that the male Anunnaki realised that it would be better if women ruled, because disputes are resolved differently among women than among men. If the earthly population also thought this way, then there would not be so many wars on your planet. Women are held in very high regard by the Anunnaki, so areas on the homeworld and outposts are run by women. When the Anunnaki were present on Earth, it was not an outpost, but rather an exploration party. Women rule differently from men, but women also love power and prestige, so in that they are no different from men. When women rule, they command whole legions of warriors who would do anything for their queen. The warriors are always exclusively men and there are very few women who venture into this field. When a queen is elected, there was a public vote beforehand where influential women put themselves forward for election. If a queen was elected, she is allowed to rule the district as queen for a certain period of time. There are queens who rule a small district and there are queens who rule very large districts. When the reign is over, the queen is allowed to stand for election again and can rule for a long time. There is also envy and ill-will among the Anunnaki, but nowhere near to the extent that you humans have. Next we will tell you something about the homeworld, because the homeworld of the Anunnaki is not very different from that of earthly humans. We will also touch again on the Anunnaki form of society, because there is so much to learn there.

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