B002: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 2

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When the Great Flood was over, some Anunnaki landed on the surface to see what was left of their people. The Anunnaki had looked upon the people of the Mediterranean as you would look upon your pets. Some felt these pets were a burden and some were quite fond of the people, so it can be said Anunnaki are very different in nature and some Anunnaki wept when the Flood caused great damage. One Anunnaki was even enraged about it and there were real battles of words, because this Anunnaki did not want to accept that his beloved humans were to be wiped out. This Anunnaki was Seth, the god who was also worshipped by the later Egyptians. Seth did not want to see that the people were to be punished so severely and he did everything imaginable to ensure that this disaster was prevented. However, Seth was only one among many Anunnaki who stood out as gods at that time, but Seth was the one who did the most for the people because Seth was very fond of the people. When the first Anunnaki landed on Earth, Seth was there and Seth had realised the potential in humans. Seth is someone who likes to show off, but he is also someone who appreciates loyalty, that is why it was Seth who had helped many humans so that they could escape the fate that was destined for the peoples of the Mediterranean. Seth made many people understand that they should withdraw from this region. Seth is the one who saw to it that an ark was dispatched to earth so that much could be saved before the catastrophe occurred. The story of the ark is true, but not as it is written. Occasional animals were also taken, but originally many things were to be saved that would otherwise have disappeared or been destroyed forever. The Ark was a huge transport ship for the time, collecting everything that was of value to the Anunnaki. Your Noah never existed and is pure fantasy. You should not take the whole story of Noah’s Ark seriously, but there were such warnings to many people so that they could escape the coming disaster. Few people took the warning seriously, so the flood meant death for a great many people. The rebels had offered no resistance to the Anunnaki when they began to collect their belongings with their ark. There were people among them who were loyal to the Anunnaki, but they were few. Many crystals were collected to preserve the acquired knowledge and history of the advanced civilisation. Some of these crystals are kept in pyramids and when first contact is imminent for humanity, most likely these legacies will be discovered in the Great Pyramid. Much is kept there that describes the history of this advanced civilisation in the times of the Anunnaki and many people will be amazed at what can be learned there. We describe these occurrences as an observer who objectively reflects the events. The information in the crystals reflects what is happening from the perspective of the Anunnaki, so what we say is in conflict with what is recorded in the crystals. However, if you are able to see the events from two perspectives, then you can get a better picture of what really led to the Great Flood wiping out life on the Mediterranean. We try to be as objective as possible in describing what happened, that is our job, we will not take sides. When the Anunnaki had collected everything they needed with the Ark, preparations were made for the Flood. All the Anunnaki on the surface at that time were ordered back and much was left to itself. There was uncertainty among the people, but they were very disciplined so that life did not descend into chaos but continued as usual. Seth was an Anunnaki who fought against this punishment to the end, but he was only one of the gods who administered a district and so he could not stop the catastrophe. His resistance did not remain without consequences, so that the head of the Anunnaki decided that Seth and his entourage should be in charge of the earth. Now this could be seen by you as a stroke of luck, but frankly, all the Anunnaki wanted to return to their homeworld, so the task for Seth should be seen as punishment. Seth was not pleased about this, but he bowed to this will and was therefore present on Earth for a very long time until he and his entourage also started their journey home. It is thanks to Seth that you know the culture of the pharaohs and that you have the great pyramid in which all the knowledge of the previous advanced civilisation is stored. Seth has not been able to create a new advanced civilisation, but Seth is real and has continued to do much good for mankind. The Sumerians are the descendants who repopulated the Mediterranean under Seth’s supervision. Seth was present on Earth for many millennia because an Anunnaki can grow incredibly old and Seth had to serve his sentence on Earth. He had worked so hard for the good of mankind at the time of the great Flood. Under Seth, not only did the Mediterranean culture come into being, but Seth was in many places on Earth where he tried many things to make people better off. Much of what you still know today is based on the fact that the knowledge of this was taught by Seth and his entourage, so that at the same time, so to speak, on many continents people made a leap in their development. In the process, they gained new knowledge that they could put to good use. Next we would like to talk about the life of the Anunnaki on their home planets. We will tell how the Anunnaki culture came into being, what makes them tick and why Anunnaki live so long.

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