B001: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 1

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The Anunnaki are a very advanced people who have travelled to many planets. They are not the creators of earthly humans, but they have helped humans on earth to develop. Many peoples on Earth have been visited by the Anunnaki and whenever they have landed, people have looked up in awe at the supposed gods. When such an advanced society encounters people who have not even invented the wheel, it is inevitable that the not-so-advanced society will break and adopt the social form of the advanced society. This has happened in many places on your planet and some peoples still maintain this form of society today. The Anunnaki are not as terrible as you think, but they also committed atrocities that are still more or less documented in your ancient histories. Take in particular the Flood, that was the Anunnaki, although we must explain that in the Bible this event is grossly exaggerated. This was also the time when the majority of the Anunnaki had withdrawn from the earth. People in many places experienced this flood, which was comparable to a tsunami that devastated the Mediterranean. This flood also did not last long and the stages in which the event happened were short and destroyed many coastal towns. The Anunnaki have ensured that this history is lodged in your human memory so that they regard this event as a trophy. They never intended to do such a thing, but the people in their sphere of influence defied them, so one day the decision was made to punish the insurgents. The Anunnaki wanted to make an example and chose a flood to do so. Before that, the insurgents had been brought to their knees by force of arms, but the people were becoming increasingly dissatisfied and so they banded together in large groups to take action against the rulers. All involved knew that this would never be tolerated by the Anunnaki, but the resentment of the conditions was too great for them to endure any longer. Many residents knew that the Anunnaki would punish the insurgents and they feared for their families. Many of these residents left the areas and migrated. The insurgents had weapons that they captured in their uprisings and they used these weapons, so it can be said that the Anunnaki on Earth were indeed afraid of these people. When an oppressed group rebels against their tormentors, there is always a leader who leads that group. There was such a person among the Anunnaki and there was also such a person among the insurgents in the main time of the uprising. Both persons were relentless. The Anunnaki had technology on his side, in the insurgency the leader had a whole population behind him. We deliberately say a whole population because all the people around the Mediterranean were united at that time. At that time there was an advanced civilisation there, installed by the Anunnaki many millennia before. This advanced civilisation was wiped out by the Flood. Some things survived and we also say that the Sumerians are the descendants of these insurgents. Before the Sumerians became so powerful, the Flood destroyed all the products of the high culture, but many emigrated people came back and founded the Sumerian culture. Much of what is known of the Sumerians was taken from this previous advanced civilisation. Some of the Sumerian texts still bear witness to this. When the Flood washed over the land, many of the rebels drowned in the floods. The Anunnaki wanted it to be exactly the same and much was devised to make the insurgents believe they were victorious and forget their self-protection, so that ultimately the tsunami became their grave. The Anunnaki took a long time to do this because an Anunnaki gets very old, so a few years is not much time for those people either. By the time the plan was executed, the insurgents had long since ended their rebellion. They knew that the Anunnaki had not yet left, but they were too sure that the Anunnaki had accepted defeat and were living a self-governing life. The leader of the insurgents was celebrated, but he did not live to see his apparent victory for long. This leader died in mysterious circumstances, orchestrated by the Anunnaki who had fought him for so long. You must understand that although Anunnaki live for a very long time, they are not a spiritual being as you are. When a person dies from Earth they will continue to exist in the spiritual world. You have lived as an incarnation for a very long time before human life and one day you wanted to experience life as a human being. You then transferred your consciousness into a human child. This process is not fully described, but you are now a human being. When you die, your human consciousness will return to the spiritual body of your incarnation. You will still retain many memories of your previous life in the spirit world, but you will still be the person from Earth in a form that you chose in the spirit world long ago. You become incredibly powerful because power is a reward for daring to live a physical life on a planet. When you have more power, you are capable of more than you were before your physical life. A physical life ensures that you can grow and that is what all incarnations and souls in the spiritual world want. When a spiritual being wants to live a bodily life, that being incarnates into a foetus. We then say the foetus or the human body is inhabited by an incarnation. When a person says that a person is ensouled, everyone else thinks that there is a soul in the person, but that is not so, because souls, just like incarnations, are independent spiritual beings. You are not a soul, you are an incarnation that inhabits your body. An incarnation can become a soul in the course of its existence, but before that it must acquire a great deal of power in order to accomplish this process of transformation. An Anunnaki is not inhabited by an incarnation. When an Anunnaki dies, the consciousness does not ascend to the spiritual world as it does with an incarnation and can then reincarnate again and again. The consciousness of an Anunnaki ascends to a spiritual plane that does not represent the entire spiritual world. This spiritual plane is only a sub-plane from which the Anunnaki can never exhaust the possibilities used by incarnations and souls. The Anunnaki will awaken on the plane that is similar to your world. You would call it the afterlife, but let me tell you, the afterlife does not exist for you, but after death you will only live properly as you did before incarnation. The Anunnaki does not have this possibility, but he ekes out his whole existence on this sub-plane, which does not grant the deceased any possibility to evolve. We tell you they are bored there most of the time. The Anunnaki knows that when he dies he has no possibility of experiencing a bodily life again and therefore he fears death like the devil fears holy water. People knew back then that they have all possibilities in the spiritual world and therefore even today a person can be determined to sacrifice himself for a purpose. The Anunnaki do not know such a thing and they always try to avoid direct confrontations. When the Anunnaki realised that earthly humans would sacrifice themselves in battle against them, their time was up, but they are also very proud beings, so this outrage could not go unanswered. That is why they retreated first to plan their revenge. Direct attacks did not have the success they wanted, so they planned the flood. They expended a lot of effort, but in the end they were able to place the flood in such a way that the tsunami had the effect they wanted. We strongly emphasise, that not all Anunnaki agreed with the plan, but they had to bow to their leader. Some Anunnaki gave aid to the earthly people they wished to protect, so some Anunnaki also pursued their own agenda. Much has happened in these days and we will keep coming back to the situation of the Flood.

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