B006: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 6

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The Anunnaki require vast amounts of gold to produce their products. An Anunnaki is as enchanted with gold as other beings, but an Anunnaki is very aware that the gold is used so that society can continue to live as it has now for hundreds of thousands of years. By this we mean the following: If humanity looks back to the Industrial Revolution, they will quickly notice that society has been in a constant state of change since that time, not only are you evolving technologically every year, but also socially. This is because you are so curious, so the transformation of your society, like your technology, never ends. Just as humans are continually changing throughout their lives, your society is also continually changing. This was intended by the Wingmakers for every intelligent life form, otherwise it would not evolve. It was the same with the Anunnaki and when they began to incorporate genetic enhancements into their human blueprint, this human approach was lost so the Anunnaki no longer wish to evolve. We do not mean individuals, but the society of the Anunnaki on all planets where they are present. Their society is almost exactly the same today as it was several thousand years ago. There is almost no development at all to be perceived and we also think we have to say that they are developing further, but rather backwards than forwards. Now this could be judged as negative, but it is not. The Anunnaki on their homeworld have realised that their society is stagnating. They live a good life, but nothing new is being added, so it can be said that the society on the homeworld has become aware that it cannot continue like this. Only changes can be made to the social structure to ensure its continuation. Many Anunnaki are busy making these changes, but just as on Earth, social change is a long process that has not been practised by the Anunnaki for a long time. Change in Anunnaki society is even more difficult to bring about than it is for you humans. Many Anunnaki are trying to establish a new form of society, but all beginnings are difficult. The leaders on the homeworld ignore these attempts because they do not wish to see a change in their rule, but all Anunnaki feel that change seems inevitable, so slowly more and more Anunnaki desire the change. However, they need the support of most of the Anunnaki throughout the universe in their transformation of society. However, because so many Anunnaki are busy collecting gold on other celestial bodies, many Anunnaki outside the homeworld are completely unaware of the change of heart that the population on their homeworld is undergoing. No approval is to be expected from these absent Anunnaki. The homeworld of the Anunnaki is sacred to them. We use this term because it is absolutely true. The Anunnaki do not believe in any higher being that you call the Creator, but they are so connected to their homeworld that you could say if something were to happen to the homeworld, all the absent Anunnaki would instinctively sense it. This connectedness is also their biggest problem. Why would anyone change something that works and is so essential to someone? Exactly, they are wary of changing anything about the status quo because all the Anunnaki care about is the well-being of their homeworld. The Anunnaki are also egoists, just like you humans, but they feel this deep connection to their homeworld and the surface of the planet is their own Garden of Eden that they tend and care for. But the Anunnaki on the homeworld want a change and so they have been working for a long time to make that change happen. What do the Anunnaki actually want to change, we ask? They want to change society so that there are no longer many small districts ruled by queens, but a few large districts ruled by a few queens. When many queens discuss an issue in a council meeting, consensus usually fails to materialise because many opinions clash, which are never discussed unanimously. Therefore, there can be no change in society because many queens together never agree. That is why the Anunnaki have realised that this system must be changed. The absentee queens who rule districts on other celestial bodies are even more difficult to convince than the queens on the home planet. You see, society wants to change, but the leaders are not willing to do so, so the change must come from the Anunnaki people, which amounts to a revolution. If this revolution is started then the form of society will break down to be created again but with the desired changes. The list of changes is long, so we will go into that again in the next part.

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