A0812: What exactly is the upper-level consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube during life? – Part 8

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Today we will address a subject that concerns all of you, because every life form will die one day. We have often said that it is you as a person who awakens in the spirit world when your body passes away. Few of you can actually imagine the transition from this world to the so-called afterlife and what happens to your personality consciousness. Today we will describe the experience of such a transition from our consciousness to the personality consciousness of the scribbler, whereby our explanations have a general validity that you can adopt one-to-one for your death.

First we will briefly explain how our consciousness differs from that of the scribbler. The scribbler has the personality consciousness, the body consciousness and the partial consciousnesses that make up his body energy field. We are the almost unchanged consciousness of the previous incarnation that dwells in the incarnational cube and follows the life of the scribbler. His thought processes are influenced and manipulated by us so that the scribbler develops in the direction we imagined before incarnation. We wanted our overall consciousness to undergo a change after incarnation because that is almost the only way for us to fundamentally change as a spiritual being. Although it would also be feasible in the long run to work out this change in the spiritual world, a bodily life is much more effective in many respects when it comes to fundamental changes of an incarnation. We commissioned a subconsciousness of ours to tackle this change in an embodied shell. This subconsciousness of ours is the scribbler, or rather, the personality consciousness of the scribbler.

The scribbler is also us at the same time as we are the scribbler, yet we still have all the memories of our entire existence. The scribbler knows nothing of the past of his existence, a fact he shares with most humans. You have all, as human individuals, still retained a body consciousness that compels you to act like a human being, by which we mean the specific characteristics of the human species. You not only act like a human being, but you also think and feel like a human being because the body consciousness within you dictates much of what constitutes a being of the human species. The species of the Greys or Archons have different characteristics than the human species, so the actions of this species are somewhat different than you know them to be. You think like a human, a grey thinks like a grey and an archont thinks like an archont. You all have commonalities that dictate the different body consciousnesses of your different species, but without that body consciousness you would be very similar to a spiritual being. Therefore, the body consciousness is instrumental to your evolution, just as we, the upper-level consciousness of incarnation. The humans on earth experience the greatest development during a bodily life, for which they are rewarded with much power after death.

The scribbler thinks like a human and that is also one of the great differences with us. Neither does he have our common memories, nor does he think as we do, but in essence we are the same. By the essence of a person we mean the being that is exactly the same being that we, the upper-level consciousness of incarnation, live in every moment. The being of the scribbler is the being of all of us because we share the same being. When the scribbler changes his being by working hard on himself, he instantly changes all our being. All partial consciousnesses of the human being, except the body consciousness, experience this change of being and we too immediately perceive this change because, unlike the scribbler, we can live being. Why is that, we ask ourselves? Because the scribbler is a human and we are pure consciousness. The scribbler is driven by body consciousness and the social obligations in his life. We, as the upper-level consciousness of incarnation, are also constantly driving him from one obstacle to the next, so that by mastering the tasks he will experience a change of being, which we will all experience. This is one of the main reasons why spiritual beings incarnate into a bodily life. Because the scribbler is constantly encouraged by us to remove one obstacle after another, he will grow, in the sense that he will then be capable of more than before. This growth is through us because we reward him with more potential, which he has earned for mastering the tasks. 

The scribbler and we are one big consciousness, only just entrusted with different tasks. We are very stubborn, which the scribbler has also taken from us. The last few years the scribbler has worked hard to reduce this stubbornness and this has led to a change in our being. But the scribbler is also constantly manipulated by us, so that he never really comes to rest and thus cannot be what the Being in him pretends to be. Why does the spiritual world direct the humans of the earth so extremely, you might now ask? So that you can work on your being! The upper-level consciousness in you torments you, so to speak, with tasks that you must tackle, sooner or later. And this consciousness does not let up, because the tasks will always lead you to work on your being, exactly as the upper-level consciousness in you wishes. This change of being is not something that you do on the side in your life, but it determines the entire life of a life form. For this change of being was desired beforehand and it leads to your receiving such an enormous increase in power as a spiritual being after the bodily life, as would otherwise hardly be possible. We torture the scribbler, so to speak, so that his ordinary actions towards all beings undergo more and more changes. When this change of being is complete, we do not have to manipulate him any further. We change in our behaviour the moment our being receives a lasting change. Therefore, it is of no use to us if the scribbler lives a carefree life in that he will live our being, but this being does not change any more because the scribbler has no reason to do so. This is not what any spiritual being wants, which, as an upper-level consciousness of incarnation, influences the part of consciousness that is incarnated into a physical shell. The scribbler’s life would then be a pure waste of time and would bring us no further added value as an incarnation. That sounds harsh, but in the end it always depends on how far we were able to achieve what we set out to do beforehand. The scribbler sees it completely differently and that’s just as well, otherwise we wouldn’t have the opportunity to work on our being with him as a personality consciousness. Now we come to a point where we will reveal to you how you can imagine the transition from this world to the afterlife.

The transition from this world to the afterlife
What exactly is this world and what exactly is the afterlife would be the first question. This world is a projection of your consciousness that is currently incarnated in a physical body. This world is much more than you can perceive with your senses, because these senses make you believe something that, strictly speaking, does not exist. For the afterlife is the reality that appears as real as it was intended for you as spiritual beings. The afterlife is not physical and in the afterlife there are no bodies that push you to do something because they cause drives or pain, among other things. The body triggers almost all fears in you and when this body no longer exists for you, you will no longer have all these problems. You did not have them before and after incarnation you will only be able to recall them as memories, but you will never experience them again in the afterlife. Fears are multi-layered, so spiritual beings can also feel fears, but rather rarely and if so, then in a very attenuated form. Your this world is not real, even if you can perceive the solidified forms, but they are only solid for you because the laws dictate so. The Wingmakers have devised this playground and on a playground there are rules that only apply where the players take part in the game. This world is built on information that defines the playing field in detail. Without this information, you could perceive the mundane world as something completely different, which is possible for very advanced species. This world would be like a subtle world where you could reshape the playing field through your thoughts because you have gained access to the rules of the game on the playing field, which can then be overridden depending on your motivation. You are far from being ready as a human species, but you are working on it.

Now, when it comes to transitioning from this world to the afterlife, it is not difficult to grasp at first. But when you link the transition to becoming the spiritual being you were before, it becomes more complicated, because then we come into play. For how can there be you as the personality consciousness and at the same time us as the upper-level consciousness of incarnation? At the moment we also exist together, but we perceive ourselves differently. The scribbler perceives himself as a person and we are the spiritual being who can perceive, as through a pair of glasses, everything that the scribbler perceives. With the glasses we mean the perception as a human being. We experience everything that the scribbler experiences, but we experience even more, not only in your world, but all planes of existence that your universe has to offer and also everything that we can perceive in the spiritual world. We exist twice, once as the scribbler and once as the upper-level consciousness of incarnation. If we were to perceive only ourselves, that is, without the personality consciousness of the scribbler, almost nothing at all would have changed in all these years. Neither would we have been able to change our being, nor would we have gained excessive power. Nothing would have happened, so to speak. By separating a part of ourselves and commissioning it to live on earth as the scribbler, we have already been able to change in many ways. We have changed and at the same time the scribbler has changed, but only for the reason that we have forced him to do so. 

Imagine that you are dreaming a deep and violent dream. You are yourselves in this dream, but you are not fully aware, otherwise you would realise that this is only a dream. You are missing many memories because otherwise they would let you know that the dream experience does not fit into the series of experiences you have had before as a waking person. You as a person are living your being and we as the upper-level consciousness of incarnation are confronting you on the dream stage with problems that you need to solve or think about more intensely. Now imagine that you could slowly and fully consciously experience the transition from the dream stage to awakening in your bed. You are not just waking up, you are experiencing this transition very intensely. On the dream stage you have just had to make a big decision that you had to make a long time ago in your real life and you have struggled because we have done a lot to make it as difficult as possible for you. Now you are slowly awakening and your dream consciousness is very aware of this transition. Just a moment ago you were thinking about how you should decide and what the consequences would be, and suddenly you are becoming more aware that you made this decision a long time ago and you have already dealt with the consequences. This transition, when the dream consciousness is slowly replaced by your personality consciousness with all its memories, is almost the same situation when you die and we slowly become more and more present with our memories in you. We are the scribbler, but we have many more memories and when the scribbler’s life ends, we slowly return with all our memories, like after a long and intense dream. We become conscious in the scribbler and the scribbler slowly wakes up from sleep and then realises, quite to his surprise, that it was he who had caused all this and no one else, because the scribbler has become more and more us during his bodily life, the incarnation that has always existed and which is dictating these very lines.

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