A0799: Is the chronicle of the Slavic Vedes true? – Part 13

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To change the object properties of a physical object, you must become aware outside your body. If you manage to perceive the worldly world with your consciousness outside your body, you can focus on the object that is to receive a change. Take, for example, a pencil lying on the table in front of you. Let’s say you want to change the lead in the pencil so that the lead is much softer than the pencil currently provides. Draw some lines on a piece of paper and try to use the same pressure every time. The lead consists to a large extent of carbon atoms, which also determine the degree of hardness. Now, if you want a softer pencil lead, become aware outside your body. To become conscious outside your body, you have to train a lot, because becoming conscious outside your body in the mundane world is much more strenuous than becoming conscious on the astral plane of the earth. Every form, every landscape or every scene that you perceive in meditations or in thought are forms created on the astral plane of the earth. Even if the environment resembles the mundane plane, it is only a subtle image because most people are not able to become conscious next to themselves on the mundane world. If people were to become conscious next to themselves on the mundane world, they could get behind many secrets that are still to be kept secret. But if you approach it with the motivation that you either want to change object properties or enquire about object properties, then the human being will be allowed to do so, because then the spiritual beings will allow the stay outside of one’s own body on the worldly world for this occasion. You have managed to become conscious outside of your body and you perceive before you the pencil that is to receive a change of its object properties, then you now have two possibilities how you can approach the change of the object properties. 

Option 1
First, let the story of the pencil be presented to you. Focus on the pencil and think of becoming conscious in that pencil. You will be presented with a stage that will be designed in the way you think you can get object properties correctly. Suppose you see a gallery in front of you and there are scenes in the pictures that have something to do with this pencil. The Universal Translator of your Universe – to which we all make a small contribution, because we donate some of our potential when we become conscious in your Universe – knows exactly how to present the object properties of the pencil so that you can process the information, because you have also donated potential to this Universal Translator, so that every intelligent consciousness in your entire Universe is directly connected to this Universal Translator. You can look at a picture in the gallery and you will see the components of your pencil. If you focus on one ingredient in the picture, it will tell you everything about the ingredient’s history, because one object is usually made up of countless other objects, each of which can tell its own story. The mine was pressed from loose ingredients, so after pressing this mine corresponds to an object that has now found its journey into the wooden casing. Other pictures show where and how long the pencil was stored until it was finally picked up by a person to draw or write. You could be shown all the texts that the pencil has ever put on a piece of paper and if you cannot read or understand the texts, you can have the content of the text read to you. You can trace every stroke, every dot and every time the pencil is held in your hand because all of this is logged in the object properties. The ten information dimensions of your universe include an information dimension that deals only with object information, and since your universe generates a flood of data with object changes every second, there is a separate dimension for that as well. If you have the components of your pencil presented to you, then you can focus on the lead and you could ask what makes the lead hard. Depending on how much you understand about it, the information about it will be presented to you. Now that you have an idea of what creates this hardness of the lead in the pencil, you can also ask what you need to do to make the lead softer. As you remember that the lead should be softer, you also instinctively have a sense of how soft it should be. The universal translator will somehow make you understand that you have to mobilise the energy yourself and will generate something in you that will unmistakably reveal to you what you have to do to accumulate the amount of energy with your thought power. When you are in the process of mobilising the amount of energy, the Universal Translator will wait to change the object properties until you somehow give the go-ahead to change the object properties in one fell swoop. The Lemurians were able to initiate this by a so-called thought flash, so that they bundled the amount of energy like a breath in a flash, in order to decouple it with another thought, which is equivalent to a strong thought flash. You will have to practise a lot at first and the bundling of energy quantities is not easy to accomplish through mind control, but everyone starts small once.

Option 2
When you program crystals you could automatically accumulate amounts of energy in the crystal because we have already explained the concepts behind this in detail. If your program in the crystal causes the energy potential to increase relentlessly, then instead of using your mind energy to change the hardness of the mine, you could instruct the Universal Translator to take the amount of energy from the crystal to change the properties of the object. You can also make sure beforehand that the amount of energy in the crystal is sufficient by simply asking the Universal Translator. Based on the amount of energy present, the Universal Translator can initiate the change in material properties. So if you like to drink wine, you can use the stored amount of energy from a crystal for the change from water to wine.

Now let us describe how the Vedes obtained the knowledge to extract clean water from dirty wells. Not drinking clean water can lead to bad diseases over time, so the Apycrians trained the Vedes in how to make dirty water drinkable again, and all they had to do was understand what dirty water was made of.  

“You should clean your rags in a stream, not with the water from the drinking hole.”

“Why should we walk all the way to the stream when it’s so much easier?“, asked one resident, never having thought about what actually makes water so special.

“If you clean the rags in the beautiful water, what do you do with the dirty water?“, asked the Apycrian, his emotional escalation making all the nearby residents look up.

“We tip it away“, the resident says in amazement, not understanding why the Apycrian reacted so angrily.

“Where do you dump the dirty water?“, the Apycrian inquired brashly.

“I don’t know, where we are standing, I guess.”

“Exactly! Where you are right now, but have you checked where the dirt from your rag goes then?“, the Apycrian inquired again with raised eyebrows.

“Where do you want it to go?“, the resident asked in more than astonishment, still not understanding what had just ridden the Apycrian.

“Look at the ground where now the beautiful waters have polluted everything.”

“Beautiful water“, the dweller now inquired quietly.

“Yes, the water is special and you are polluting it with the rags because we told you that the rags need fresh water so that your skin does not get polluted and become ugly. For that we told you to clean the rags in the stream, not here, because you have polluted the water with them. Look carefully how dark the water is now. All polluted and you dump it out where you sit down afterwards. Do you even know why your skin is getting so ugly?”

With a flushed head, the resident looked at the Apykrian more than perplexed.

“Because there is something in the water that is supposed to help you, and you are destroying that healing power by polluting the water. If you dump the destroyed water here, the soil can’t do anything with it and the soil is also somewhat destroyed now. That is why we told you to clean your rags in the stream and not here!”

The Apycrian made sure that many inhabitants also followed this decisive argument, because only in this way could the Apycrian draw the attention of the inhabitants to such a banal thing as clean water. Since many of the inhabitants were following this dispute and did not understand why the Apycrian was so upset about it, since they were now much cleaner than before, the Apycrian said the following sentence: “If you shit where you eat and sleep, you will get sick faster than you can fill your bellies to shit again where you eat and sleep.“

This remark was like a slap in the face for the inhabitants, because although they were simple people, they never did their needy business where they lived. But now that the Apycrian expressed that this was so, a negative attitude rose in the inhabitants because they still did not understand why the Apycrian could even think that the water for cleaning the rags should be valued like their faeces. How the Apycrian educated the residents about the filthy water and what the residents learnt to take care of the water will be told in the next and last post to this series.

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