A0789: Is the chronicle of the Slavic Vedes true? – Part 3

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When the Apycrians appeared on earth, they were hardly distinguishable from the native people, so that they were dressed similarly and also spoke the language of the tribe. However, before they paid their respects to the tribe, certain preconditions had to prevail so that the first encounter would also turn out to be promising, which is why the Apycrians had something in mind that we will now present. When would a meeting of two cultures not be warlike, we ask? When the culture to be contacted is busy with festive preparations. When a group is preparing for an important event, this group will always act very boisterously and if a few strangers then appear rather randomly, they will be eyed less strictly and possibly invited to join the festivities. This is exactly what the Apycrians are after, which is why the Apycrians waited so long before a gathering was to be celebrated. What happened then we will now give in abbreviated form. The Apycrians had an outpost on Earth and from there they monitored the entire territory of the chosen tribe. Not only could they visually follow the activities, but they had placed many monitoring devices that transmitted everything in real time, so that some analysts of the Apycrians were constantly busy writing reports to reveal what was happening in the target area. We would think that the Apycrians got a much better picture of this tribe and its members than the tribe knew about itself, so the Apycrians were well prepared when the preparations for the celebrations entered the crucial phase. There were four Apykrians who appeared as strangers to the celebrations before the actual festival took place. The Apycrians approached the venue of the celebrations leisurely so that they were spotted from a distance. There was no general approach to strangers, so all Apycrians involved were sure that they would not be received with hostility. Before the Apycrians entered the place, some residents of the place gathered to see who was arriving. There was great astonishment among the residents when they realised that the visitors were complete strangers. The Apykrians had disguised themselves, but the healthy lifestyle was more or less written all over their faces, so the strangers’ appearance quickly made its rounds. Many residents interrupted their activities to see why so many residents were gathering in the village. The village officer came running to remind the residents that they still had things to do and could not be delayed. When the directive officer arrived at the scene, he too was very puzzled to see the strangers. He turned to a subordinate and asked what was going on, so that the following dialogue took place almost exactly like that.

“What’s going on here, why do you stop to complete the preparations?”

“Look, don’t the strangers look strange?”

“What’s going on here? Who are these people?”

“Excuse our sudden appearance. We are passing through and did not want to disturb you. However, we have a request and would be pleased if we could get some help from you”

“You are not disturbing us. What is your request?”

“We would like to be given directions so that we can be sure we are on the right path”

“We will gladly grant you that, if we know where their path is to lead them”

When the Apycrians described their destination and some of the inhabitants agreed on what the destination should actually be, they were also able to give directions on how the strangers should walk for the next few days to reach their destination. The Apycrians still asked about a few things, so many residents felt addressed to give their opinion. After some time, the Apycrians had spoken to some of the inhabitants of the village, so that at some point in all these conversations they also asked where the strangers came from. When they explained that they came from a far away country, the curiosity of the inhabitants was enormous, because strangers from far away countries only passed by very, very rarely. The village’s officer had also heard this explanation, so he thought it would be a very good idea to invite the strangers to the festivities. No sooner said than done – the Apycrians were exactly where they wanted to be and the strangers were assigned a kind of hut. When the strangers were assigned this dwelling, all the inhabitants were more than eager to hear what the strangers had to report. The Apycrians spent six days on the spot and during this time they made friends with many of the inhabitants of the place, always gathering many listeners around them when they told something of the place from which they came. One day the following narration occurred, which was presented to many listeners.

“We used to be a place like yours, but now many more people live there because we have learned how to use the wilderness much better. We used to collect a lot of berries to eat and the meat from the wild was always rare to have on hand, but we have changed some things that now allow us to make much better use of what we have available all year round. Did you know that eating too much only makes you hungrier?”

The listeners looked at each other, puzzled, because in their minds there could be no such thing as too much food, since they were busy all year round making sure that all the inhabitants had something to eat. One hunter asked what exactly the stranger meant by that.

“Imagine you always have enough of everything and you eat everything you manage to consume. What happens to you then?”

Again the residents looked at each other in disbelief until one resident did something that described exactly what the Apycrian meant. The resident lay on his side and made gestures that suggested he was tired and sluggish. Astonished, the residents looked back and forth between the reclining resident and the Apycrian until the Apycrian spoke up again.

“You will hardly be able to do anything and if you do nothing you will always be hungry. When you feel hungry, you want to eat more and that also makes you tired again. If it goes on like this, you will just lie around and do nothing. But if you eat only as much as you have to, then nobody has to suffer from hunger because you are always busy with something“

The Apycrian then had to use a lot of analogies to make sure that the listeners really understood what the Apycrian was trying to say. When the listeners understood that their current eating habits were not very good, the Apycrians were very relieved because with effective advice they now gained a status in the place that was recognised by all the inhabitants. They brought forth much more advice in conversation, so that after the celebrations they continued their supposed journey without ever reaching the destination of their journey, because the destination was actually the inhabitants of the place and with this first step they paved the way for the beginning of something that has gone down exceedingly successfully in human history, even though you know very little about it today. These four Apycrians then appeared again and again in this place in the course of time, so that the inhabitants came to trust the strangers more and more and they were able to give a lot of practical advice on their journeys. One day, however, the Apycrians wanted to take the next step in their venture, so the Apycrians revealed themselves to the inhabitants of the village. When they did this, they had already made many journeys and the inhabitants knew that these travellers were special because their advice was so different and promising, which is why the inhabitants began to question the origin of the travellers more and more. What exactly happened and what the reactions of the individual inhabitants were, we will describe in the next entry to this series. If you now think that we will continue this time of getting to know each other for a few more entries, then you are mistaken, because we want to bring you closer to the way of life of the Vedes, so that the knowledge of the Vedes will soon be revealed in detail by us in this series. The Vedic people have received the knowledge that many advanced cultures maintain and expand, but the environmental conditions in the region of the tribe ensured for a long time that rather practical knowledge was passed on, so that the tribe then also had the time to deal with other things. We will explain all this later, so we will look at the concepts of the Vedic way of life in a very theoretical way.

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